Finland: Spring Day Family Festival

By Antto Hassinen, FFWPU Finland

FFWPU staff and guests filled the room, with anticipation to begin the Spring Day Family Festival in the afternoon on Saturday 16th March.

From among FFWPU youth the MC Antto Hassinen led through the program filled with singing, listening to message on family values, testimony, game, lottery and refreshments.

Throughout the program youth band Connection let singing of familiar and new songs in two languages, suitable to Finnish and English-speaking audience.

The main responsible couple of FFWPU Finland Gudrun and Hannu Hassinen delivered a short speech on family values and introduced mission of FFWPU, prepared and invited the audience for upcoming re-dedication of marriage, the Blessing program in April.

Albanian-Finnish couple Edlira and Tony Veijalainen shared their testimony of being matched and blessed into marriage and shared on their attitudes that let them to form a couple overcoming various differences and build a family.

Game with Eero Kolehmainen and Sonja Reed made us laugh and the lottery on prepared prices brought great excitement. You could win a Summer boating, or fishing, trip on our GOOD GO boat, puzzle for all family, brain-teaser box, chocolate and coffee.

Program concluded with having a sandwich, sharing and networking over cup of tea and coffee.

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