USA: FFWPU President’s Message for the April 6 Rally


Prepared by FFWPU USA


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for all you do to support True Parents and the providence in America. I’m writing to you all with a request to pay special attention to what is happening now in the Elder Son Nation. One of the keys to the recent victories in Africa is that top religious leaders have been proclaiming True Mother. True Mother signaled to us that this is what must take place here in the USA as well.


America and True Mother’s Direction

First, we must remember that we are on a providential mission. The urgency and optimism that we felt when we first found True Parents and joined this movement is still upon us. As you know, there are still efforts being made to undermine True Mother’s leadership. It is important that we unite completely at this time to prepare internally and externally for True Mother’s rally in Los Angeles, and there will be more to come throughout the nation. I believe it is most important that we all unite together in this precious time.

When the American leadership team sat down with True Mother for breakfast on December 26, 2018 in Korea, she said very simply that American Blessed Central Families must fulfill their Tribal Messiahship, then we will be able to embrace Christianity and restore America. This is what is happening right now.

True Mother has a deep understanding of the nature of God’s work in America and she understands exactly what is needed now to advance quickly. With every Tribal Messiah family that is activated, we are broadening the foundation for God to work.

In 2018, America brought over 120 Tribal Messiah Accomplishers to the offering table and that foundation is expanding. This year our goal is to activate every single Blessed Family in the country, with no family left behind. In the last few weeks alone we’ve seen a huge increase in registrations to MyTribe. MyTribe subscribers form the core members of TribeNet. We join the weekly call every Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. EST to hear inspiring testimonies of Tribal Messiahship breakthroughs. Connect here:


Tribal Messiahship: The Key to Embracing the Foundation of Christianity

It’s important to remember that True Father’s original desire for America was that we work with the Christian churches to revive Christianity to fulfill its providential purpose. He also sent thousands of Japanese Missionaries all over the country to attend Christian churches. Some of those connections were maintained, but for the most part, our organization and our family movement have not really seen expansive growth with our Christian partners. We should have inherited those foundations at the Tribal Messiahship level in order to impact and lead the entire nation, but results were threadbare.

However, through the work of ACLC, we have been able to develop some very key relationships with Christian leaders. This foundation is unique to America, and the world is now watching, rather stunned, at what is taking place here. Just as our True Mother has indicated, I believe there is a direct spiritual and substantial correspondence between Tribal Messiahship activities and major breakthroughs with Christianity.

Despite countries all over longing for True Mother to visit them, she has been in the USA for almost a month now preparing for the Peace Starts With Me – Blessing America rally on April 6th in Los Angeles. She has been offering devotion. Just before True Mother came she said, “As America rises, Korea and Japan rise, and the world rises.” True Mother is already convicted about the great victory that will take place, and has invited our top leaders from all over the world to come and experience it first hand here in America.


Bishop Noel Jones and the City of Refuge Church

To appreciate what is happening in LA with the City of Refuge church, it is important to understand the context. Bishop Noel Jones is a very respected mega church leader. From what I’ve learned, he is specifically respected because he is such a great teacher. He is able to expand in profound ways our Christian teachings. He is not only respected by other pastors worldwide, but he is respected by other mega church Christian leaders. They respect him and look up to him.

His own church congregation is said to number somewhere in the area of 17,000 members, which is a combination of physical attendance and online attendance; however, I imagine the online viewership is more than that. He is constantly traveling the world for major speaking events. When I was together with him and Dr. Michael Jenkins sitting on his couch just two weeks ago, an apostle from Africa visited him to meet about an upcoming trip overseas. When Bishop Jones is not in Los Angeles, Elder Edwin Perry, Co-pastor of the City of Refuge, takes to the pulpit and preaches the message to the congregation.

On March 17, I attended the City of Refuge service with Bishop Noel Jones. I sat up front next to Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Dr. Jenkins and other leaders, and watched with amazement what was happening around me. First, Jason McGee, the Minister of Music, took time to announce the April 6th rally to the congregation. Then, Elder Perry took to the stage to share important announcements. He spent over 40% of his time talking about April 6th. Then they played the Peace Starts With Me promotional video for the whole congregation. After that, Bishop Jones himself came out to add to the announcements and invited everyone to come on April 6th. Then, Bishop Jones brought it up again during his message. Here is an excerpt of what he said:

“As you heard, the announcement has been made that on April 6th we will be having quite a community coming together under the direction of Dr. Moon. Mother Moon is coming in, and we are going to have quite a service. We are not dealing with the intricacies of idiosyncratic doctrine. We are dealing with the fundamental principles that surround Christianity, and the fundamental Christian principle is that we love one another and that we have peace together. That becomes the expression of one’s spiritual maturity. It is not simply to talk about one’s idiosyncratic conceptualization of God, but it is wider than that. I would have to have come from being in a cave, not to see the discord and the animosity that people are having towards each other, not just in this country, but in the world.

Whenever God raises somebody up, who has not just neighborhood status, not just state status, not just country status, but God raises people up with universal status, in order to have the power to unite all of us. There are very few people in the world who can unite all of us. That’s a fact. But God has raised up Mother Moon and has given her that strength. Now, it is an interesting thing that we do a lot more for our mothers than we do for our fathers. (Do I get a debate on that? Bishop Jones looks towards all the women in the choir and asks that question and they all nod their head yes). And God has given her the strength, and given her the wisdom, and given her the insight and the experience to be able to touch millions of people around the world. And for her to decide to come here and to be part of this church and to promulgate love out of this house, I would like to say that is a gift from God. That’s how precious we find this light upon us. I want to introduce her representatives here, Rev. Mark Tengan, Rev. Young Tack Yang, Rev. Demian Dunkley, Dr. Michael Jenkins, and Dr. Ki Hoon Kim. Together, we will put this very marvelous, wonderful, and great mission together, to bring the world together. I was in Korea, the unification of North and South Korea, I was there a few months ago and I could see God move in a great way. And so we are going to celebrate and have a marvelous time, and when we come together like that, it is a place to stimulate because we are not going to stay together. It is a place to infect us, with a drive to go from there and touch people in our communities. If we bring our communities together, if we bring our families together, then the family affects the community, and the community affects the wider group.

I preached to 350,000 people in Nigeria. I could not have eye contact with 350,000 people, so I kept eye contact with those who are in front, and they look over to the ones behind, and the ones behind, and it’s a kind of domino effect, and that is exactly what we do. We stimulate, we drive, we put people on fire, and then we release them into their own neighborhoods. That is why Peace begins with me, Love begins with me, Revival begins with me. If I can get it with me, then I can spread it. Amen.”

It’s worth reading what you’ve just read more than once. The words above are profound. God is guiding Bishop Jones in a deep and unique way and his words for True Mother are precious.

Towards the end of the sermon, I realized that his whole message was about April 6th. He spoke about the importance of love over doctrinal differences. He spoke about true Christianity, which can look beyond those differences to love and serve. He spoke about the importance of our prayers and worship, that they act like our armor to protect ourselves from the devil. He told his congregation to put on their armor and get ready, because the devil will try and attack them before April 6th and try to pull them back away from your Christianity. I mean, this stuff is amazing.

Bishop Jones himself is truly anointed and prepared for this time. He is protecting True Mother and he is leading his congregation to do so. We have seen the spirit building in the USA, with a huge breakthrough at Madison Square Garden, where 30% of the crowd were Christian. Then again at Nassau when a staggering 70% were Christian guests from over 200 different churches. It is building and building. We must not be left behind in our understanding of what is going on. Because of the consistent and loving presence of Naoko Hiraki, Rev. Mark Tengan and the CARP youth who have been developing a relationship with the City of Refuge, we are now able to see this wonderful harvest here in LA, but this can be happening all over the country.

I must confess, that I have never seen even our own church so united around something. Bishop Jones, Elder Perry, Elder Jackson, Director McGee, also the second choir director, the security, the stage hands, the camera men, the ushers – they are all united and in one voice preparing and excited for April 6th to welcome The Mother of Peace. In fact, they all have a nickname for her there, and it’s “Mamma Moon.”

Bishop Jones also filmed a public invitation for April 6th.

Just this last Sunday, March 24th, I attended the City of Refuge again, and it was even more amazing! More than before, Bishop Jones was clearly preparing his congregation to welcome True Mother. He is leading his members to not only attend on April 6th, but to prepare their hearts to understand the work God is doing through True Mother, The Mother of Peace.

This time he specifically told his congregation that, just like a trapeze artist has to let go of the bar in order to catch the next bar swinging toward him, we now have to be ready to let go of what it is that might be holding us back. He’s asking Christians to look beyond the Christian matrix and to recognize that our God is the same as the God of other religious people. Therefore, if God is our God, and God is the same God, then we are the same people. He’s really asking people of any religion to look beyond their own, in order to be able to fathom a fuller understanding, a deeper understanding of God. Even though we may say that we love God, how can we say we love God whom we cannot see, if we don’t even love our brother whom we do see?


We Are in a Different Time – Time for a Different Mindset

Please don’t think of our movement as it was last year, or even last month. Things can change rapidly. Things are changing rapidly. I ask all Blessed Families to make every effort to activate your Tribal Messiahship, because it also creates the spiritual environment that we need to be able to not only support, but to recognize what is happening. Right now, we should all be activated. We can pray, we can donate, and we can attend our True Mother this April 6th in LA. Visit

Dear brothers and sisters, in truth, our entire movement should mobilize and be here in LA right now. For that would be the best way to know what is happening in the providence. But if we can’t all be here physically, we should be here spiritually. As Rev. Larry Krishnek put it, “Christianity is the key, and the key is turning!”

My experience is this: we can sit around wishing, or hoping, for Christianity or other religions and religious people to change their mindset so that they may understand True Parents. But I say this, we ourselves need to let go of our own bar, we ourselves need to let go of our own mindset, so that we may be ready to catch the new bar, so that we may be ready to fathom God more fully. Do you realize that God is bigger than that which I, or you, or anyone of us today fully understand? God‘s heart is deeper; God’s mind is wider; God‘s forgiveness is greater, and God‘s love is sweeter than anything that we have experienced thus far.

As Unificationists, shouldn’t we be the first to let go, to surrender, and to make some space for God to bring the whole thing up a notch? Yes, we should be the first. And if we walk forward with that mindset, I promise you, you will find people that God has prepared, people who are also willing to surrender and meet God on a higher plane together with you. Please pray deeply on this, and we will see the entire nation being lifted up. As America rises, so will the world rise.

By the way, the weather is wonderful here.

God Bless you all,

Rev. Demian Dunkley


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