Czech Republic: Peace Designer Workshop

By Jeong-hye Yeom, YSP Czech Republic

On March 9, 2019, we had the official launching of Youth and Students for Peace with our first Peace Designer Workshop. The aim of this workshop was to bring different youth together and make them realize that they are capable of creating a project that could move the World to a peaceful place.

In the beginning we had a short introduction and explanation of what YSP is about from Jeong-Hye Yeom. After we had a presentation on the Hyo Jeong culture YSP is trying to spread to youth by Vicky Masner.

Next, we started with designing our own personal project. In YSP we emphasize on first finding peace within ourselves before striving to help others. So, the first step was to resolve one conflict in ourselves – find a solution for it. After doing so we could all individually think of a way to make our society better. We created groups of 4-6 people, where one project was chosen to work on. The rest of the afternoon, each team worked on their own project and presented it at the end in front of everyone.

The project that was chosen was #3: HEARTISTS.


Here is an explanation of each project:


Project #3


Issue: Self-centred and individualistic society

Cause: No Character education in schools

Solution: Nurturing a generation with a good character education by spreading the message to parents, hold interactive events and spread the message in schools.

Outcome: Generation that is able to work together and have a better life by preparing themselves for adulthood


 Project #1


Issue: 2 million children in the world die of hunger in the World

Cause: Ignorance (lack of understanding of each other’s situations), selfishness

Solution: Sister cities between Prague and Nairobi (Kenya) and therefore instore a student exchange between these two cities, to learn about different cultures, especially for Czech students.

Outcome: A better understanding of each other and inspire other cities to do the same to build a better world.


Project #2


Issue: Employment discrimination, not hiring based on competences.

Cause: Classification ignorance, self- centeredness of the employer

Solution: Awareness through surveys

Outcome: Give the chance for people who work hard to get into their position


Project #4

Name: ASA (Anti-Substance Abuse)

Issue: Alcohol and Substance abuse

Cause: Lack of Love, ignorant of family values and True Love

Solution: Awareness campaigns in city centre, lectures and seminars.

Outcome: Spread awareness towards youth and build a stronger generation based on True Love.

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