Croatia: Ambassador for Peace Meeting


Prepared by UPF Meeting Croatia

On March 16, 2019 we had a UPF meeting in the Embassy of Peace in Brezovica in Zagreb.

We had 21 guests, including one parliament member, a princess from Nigeria, and president of local esperanto association. At the meeting Ji Suk Baek gave a report about the World Summit in Korea and invited parliament member Mr. Bunjac to give a testimony about the summit in Korea.

Mr. Bunjac gave a very inspiring testimony about the events in Korea and especially about meeting with True Mother. He was very moved by the speech of True Mother and said that the purpose of his visit was actually to meet True Mother, He could see that True Mother is a very special person and her speech was honest and original which he didn’t hear at any other places.

All guests and members were very inspired by his testimony. After that, we promoted some new Ambassadors for Peace, a princess from Nigeria, president of international woman club, and a famous local antique artist and a humanitarian worker. Guests and members stayed late with Korean dinner.


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