Brazil: Strategy Seminar for Victory of Vision 2020

Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

On March 24, 2019, a Strategy Seminar for Victory of Vision 2020 and witnessing for a thousand members until the Day of Foundation of 2020. The seminar was led by the Leader of Sub-Region 1 (Brazil), Pres. Koichi Sasaki and was attended by Church Leaders and Blessed Families of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul.

The focus of the meeting was on strategies to reach the subregion’s goal of reaching 1,000 new members, especially by educating and connecting the new couples who received the blessing from the CTM.

Internal guide words with a very important content were shared with all participants, emphasizing above all that to have victory by 2020, they must do much jeongseong and accumulate many good conditions:

The internal preparation was much discussed, gathering crucial points such as, always maintaining the basic foundation of our faith which is the Ground of Faith and Substance, practicing a life of tithe (symbolic offering = material), having total union between the members and the central figure (substantial offering) establishing the Foundation for the Messiah. Thus conditions are created for the spiritual world to work, supporting the work of blessed members and families.

He further clarified that victory can only come through a life of Jeongseong, daily prayer of at least 40 minutes and other conditions, understanding that whoever is successful in the testimony and Blessing of HTM by 430 couples always prays sincerely and offers several other conditions. , breaking the barriers of the heart, spiritual and physical barriers.

Supported by this basis the testimony should be daily, reserving at least a few hours of the day for this practice, being ideal 3 or more hours a day.

In order for the new spiritual children to be restored, it is planned that SD conference seminars will be held every weekend and public holiday in the local churches, establishing a special condition that even if there are no guests, at least one conference will be held as a condition.

During the seminar, there was a 43-minute prayer session and everyone really offered a sincere and strong prayer of repentance, thank you and all participants made a strong determination to achieve victory.

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