Benin: Seminar on Africa’s development and the Peace Maker

Prepared by CARP Benin

On March 24, 2019 we held a 3-day Seminar on Africa’s development and the Peace Maker for youth in our Peace Embassy. This training brought together 22 young people from different ethnic groups, countries and religions around the issues and plagues related to the daily life of young people generally and in particular Benin.

This seminar was organized True parents’ Special Envoy, Rev. Tatsuo Sasaki, for the benefit of new CARP members who have recently completed their 7-day Divine Principle seminar.

During this training, participants learned from the Special Envoy’s communications the Love of the Heavenly Parent and True Parents. They have experienced teamwork, while doing analysis and proposing solutions to several troublesome factors in society. These include AIDS and underdevelopment of African countries, particularly Benin. They traveled together the history of slavery in Africa and the colonization of African countries. All this to enable young people to play their full part in establishing a world of peace.

Participants were greatly inspired by the education programs and their relationships with the educators. At the end, they joint resolution to change themselves and the world.

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