Austria: Marriage Course


By Josef Gundacker, FFWPU Austria

On March 9, 2019, the marriage course enabled participants to spend time together as couples, to get to know each other better and to grow closer together. The meetings took place at eight afternoons in Seidengasse from the beginning of November. In a relaxed, family atmosphere, food was lovingly prepared and served by members, and the participants were able to settle and open up.

The lectures and testimonies of past participants and the exercises in between encouraged couples to discuss important issues and concerns within their couple, to make marriage and family a common project, and to develop a shared vision. The topics ranged from “building a sound foundation”, “the art of communication”, “conflict resolution”, “the power of forgiveness”, to “love” and “tenderness and good sex”.

Taking regular “marriage time” was stressed repeatedly and the “homework” encourages making a weekly marriage time a tradition. The marriage course not only deepened and changed the relationship within couples, it also brought us closer to each other as brothers and sisters of a large family.

Therefore, the last course afternoon was not the end of the course, but the beginning of new relationships. We want to deepen these friendships with following and regular Jour-Fix meetings.

Special thanks go to Heidi Mayr and Kathrin Ladstätter, through whose initiative this marriage course became possible.


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