Austria: Leaders’ Meeting


Prepared by FFWPU Austria

On March 2-3, 2019 the Austrian community leaders, youth leaders and leaders of providential organisations gathered for a meeting. Those who attended the events in Korea around Foundation Day could share their experiences and impressions with them.

On the morning of the first day Peter Zöhrer reported about the ILC and the Sunhak Peace Price, I shared some of the contents of True Mothers speeches and my impressions about it, and Janine Waldmann, community leader of Carinthia and successful Heavenly Tribal Messiah shared about the HTM workshop in Korea which she attended.

Peter Zöhrer was specially impressed by the founding of the Interreligious Council for Peace with the special focus on the reunification of the two Koreas and the Sunhak Peace Prize Award Ceremony. He also attended the conference at the Hyo Jeong Academy and gave a brief report on the lectures which were given there.

True Mother’s speeches left a deep impression on our hearts. Although we still cannot fully comprehend the greatness of her work and the scope of her mission, it is our desire to unite with her and be successful so that she can see God’s children gradually being restored through Heavenly Tribal Messiahs activities. In my report I summarized her speeches and the events of True Parents Birthday and Foundation Day, highlighting True Mother’s directions to all Blessed families.

Janine Waldmann’s report about the Heavenly Tribal Messiahs’ workshop and founding of the HTM’s Association gave an authentic impression about the inpiring presentations and the lively exchange of experiences among the participants, including a HDH group exercise at their table. According to her words, „It was like heaven!” We all felt more motivated to invest in our tribes and to continue the blessing activities.

In the second session we studied the prerequisites of national restoration by going through a Power Point Presentation showing the example of Albania. We then discussed and collected the ideas of how we are going to apply this pattern to our nation:

We will hold one international UPF conference (Summit) and several smaller UPF and WFWP conferences in order to be able to invite politicians and religious leaders of Austria, thus preparing them for the Summit in Albania and later, in February 2020 in Korea.

We will hold HTM workshops in each community in order to support the Blessed families’ activities in building their tribes, starting in Carinthia and Styria end of March. The witnessing activities are being carried out by CARP, STF and GMP, with the support of the Vienna community. The Blessed Family department is organizing workshops for various age groups. Two sisters of the 2nd generation have been allocated to support the mission of the Blessed Family Department. More detailed plans were made and have already been sent out to all communities.

In the afternoon we had time to listen to good practice reports from the communities and youth (CARP, HARP), as well as UPF, WFWP, PR and Blessed Family Department.

On the second day, Sunday, we had the opportunity to listen to a sermon of our Region’s Chairman, Dr. Dieter Schmidt who had arrived early morning from Camberg, Germany. His topic was „Seeing you gives me strength”. He conveyed True Mother’s heart which she expressed to all the leaders at the various meetings in Korea. Also, he mentioned the meeting of members of the second generation in Camberg which he had attended just the day before, concluding that we need to strive for quality and expression of heart in all of our activities, in caring for the blessed families and in reaching out to our tribes.

The Austrian brothers and sisters appreciated his sermon very much, and many thanked him afterwards. Here is the video:

In the afternoon there was time for Peter Haider to share about the ILC conference in Korea and then to explain the future program of UPF. Dieter Schmidt encouraged everybody to engage with politicians and religious leaders in order to connect them to True Mother. He will attend the next important conference the 20th March at the UNO in Vienna, and further plans for Austria and the Central European Region will be made.

Everybody felt uplifted and determined to be victorious in 2019!

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