Austria: CARP Witnessing


By Elisabeth Cook, FFWPU Austria

On 14th February the first group of GMP missionaries from the Sun Moon University finished their witnessing time in Vienna and returned to Korea. They left behind 8 good guests who had attended 1-and 2- day DP workshops and many other programs. They are looked after by CARP members.

A new group of missionaries from the SunMoon University arrived at the beginning of March, and together with STF members who had arrived in Vienna in the middle of February, they already started witnessing. Their witnessing strategy is 1:1, which means the person who witnesses someone also teaches him/her by reading from the Divine Principle book together and then discussing the topic. This gives the brothers and sisters the opportunity to directly care for their guests.

On Sunday, March 3rd, the two teams introduced themselves at the Sunday Service with energetic songs.

CARP Vienna supports the witnessing activities of STF and GMP through organizing regular programs such as: 1-and 2-day DP workshops, Lectures on various topics, Cultural evenings, Movie nights, sports and others.

Here are some insights into their programs:

  • Movie night
  • Japanese Cultural evening
  • 2 day DP workshop Febr 2019

The motto was “Find your purpose, change your life”, and according to the motto we had many inspiring discussions, lectures and there was a time for outdoor activities as well.

But most importantly, we had a great community where everyone was free to contribute and share from their heart.

We also could talk about what is really important in life, and how we as individuals, as well as together as a community, can be more fulfilled and thereby contribute to peace.

A big thank you to all who took part in this great workshop!

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