Angola: International Women’s Day Celebration


Prepared by WFWP Angula

On the occasion of International Women ‘s Day, we organized a talk with the women of the different churches. The event took place in the Prophetic Church the Light of Heaven one of the partners of FFWPU ANGOLA on March 9, 2019. The theme fot e event was We become virtuous women who renew the hope of Angola and of this same theme was taken two Subtheme to be approached which is: The role of woman in the providence of the restoration. The family school of love and peace in society.

The main lecture was about the true and real value of women in family, society, nation and the world. President of WFWP ANGOLA, also spoke to all participants about the objectives of the WFWP and who in depth and with whom it has worked.

The FFWPU ANGOLA delegation was then presented, starting with the central figure and the national leader, the secretary general of the FFWPU, the national director of the testimony, culture and sport department and the members in general.

The talk was led by one of the WFWP ANGOLA prelates who explained the real value of the woman by saying that the woman is a mother, a daughter and a woman being the basis of the family. Next came the central figure explaining the importance of the family as the school for the education of society and ended by explaining what FFWPU ANGOLA has been doing through the blessings of couples based on true love and the teaching of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

At the end a family photo was taken with everyone present.

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