Where the Infinite Blessing of God Is – Part 2

by Mrs. Sa Gil-ja

The following is taken from a talk given to American members at a home church meeting on June 16, 1987, at the World Mission Center (now the New Yorker Hotel), New York City. Mrs. Sa is the wife of Eu Hyo-won, who was the first president of our church in Korea and who, with Father’s guidance, wrote Exposition of the Divine Principle. She herself has been active in many areas of education in our movement, including work to train young people to become Divine Principle lecturers.

Part 2 of a 2-part testimony


I’m sure all of us here are aiming for self-perfection and have a great desire to be totally restored. When I reflect on my 32 years of life in the Unification Church, there are three things I’m always reminding myself to do in order to keep going to the end. First, always repent; secondly, have appreciation and gratitude no matter what the difficulty or hardship; and thirdly, keep serving God and brothers and sisters and all mankind. Father often gives me responsibility that I feel I cannot bear. Father’s expectation is totally beyond my imagined capacity. So I must continually humble myself and desperately pray that I can truly respond to Father’s expectation.

I’m concerned, because many of you are starting your families and having children. Some blessed couples tend to be too dominated by such practical considerations as: “How can I make enough to feed my family? How can I send my children to good schools?” Many blessed couples who have two or three children are trying to seek better ways to support their families. But seen from God’s viewpoint and God’s heart, the front line, where you have to really struggle to serve God’s providence, is Abel’s territory. Father’s heart always goes directly to that Abel territory. If you try to avoid the front-line mission, looking for the easy way centering on your family alone and neglecting God’s providence, you will naturally fall deeper and deeper into Cain’s territory.

So, no matter how difficult it may be, if we can keep pushing ourselves toward making front-line effort, that’s where the infinite blessing of God is, the place where God can directly visit us.


Submission to God’s Will

As I watched the response of the blessed wives who were mobilized, I was very moved. Most Koreans today are still [1987] far from wealthy. If a person has three meals a day, he’s doing pretty well; living conditions are still that severe. But when Father mobilized all the wives, no one complained or rebelled this time; they completely obeyed Father’s request. Seeing this, I realized how much and how often we disbelieved what Father said in the past. We had the desire to trust in Father, but it was always so difficult to believe in his predictions when we were persecuted so much. We were treated even worse than lepers by society. In such circumstances, just to believe that the future world would be as Father said was so difficult. As Rev. Won Pil Kim has said, those who have been following Father for 10 years have been giving Father headaches for 10 years, and those who have been following Father for 30 years have given him headaches for 30 years. So the longer we have followed Father, actually, the more problems we have made for him!

Even though for 30 years we have not really been trusting enough in Father’s words, by now we have constantly witnessed that whatever Father predicted has come true, so we all need to repent. I believe we have finally reached the point where we have to take what Father says seriously, because he never gives any instruction without a serious purpose behind it. Each blessed wife realized that this may be her last chance to indemnify her past disbelief or lack of faith in Father. So this time, everyone totally united, totally obeyed Father. Nobody brought up any practical difficulties or questions as to why they couldn’t immediately follow.

Twenty-five years ago, Father told me, “You will go to the United States.” I always felt, How can that ever happen when I can’t speak any English? Father would share his vision of the future and I used to think, Oh, that will happen after I go to the spirit world. I didn’t really believe what Father was saying, and not too many other leaders really believed what Father said in those days. But now that that vision has become more real, we really have to repent.

Mrs. Sa (standing in the middle) during the blessing ceremony on April 16, 1960.


“Living saints”

The blessed wives’ older children will stay with their fathers because they have to go to school, but the younger ones will go with their mothers. I said to Father, “If a mother has two or three small children, she cannot do much work, practically speaking.”

But Father said, “It’s not so important what they actually do, but the fact that they are going. That condition in itself is the important thing.” When the people of Korea see that these families are totally mobilized and that the wives don’t plan to go back to their husbands for one year and seven months, I believe they will be moved. They will say, “Only Rev. Moon can unify the entire nation and the entire Korean peninsula, North and South. No other group of people would ever do such a thing for the sake of their country.”

The wives were asked to go to either their hometown or their husband’s hometown. If neither was desirable, they could go to any town where they had worked and achieved good results. So, on June 1, all the wives went first to the district center nearest the town where they would be working. On average, there were 30 wives in each district. Most were from the 6,000 Couple Blessing, and each mother had, on average, two small children. So about 30 mothers and 60 babies converged at each main center. It was kind of hectic, but everyone gathered seriously, without too much chatting among themselves. The only noise you heard was the sound of many children crying and playing.

Then each district leader encouraged the wives. “Don’t stay in the center too long. Just go on to your hometown quickly and I’ll visit you later and give you instructions.” They all quickly prepared and headed for their destinations with total obedience. One of the mothers reported to me her impression of this scene. She was so moved by the loyalty and faith and dedication of all the wives that she was in tears, feeling as though she were seeing a group of living saints.

Of course, many members have been feeling the desperate, intense situation of Korea, both practically and in terms of God’s providence, so everyone is feeling much more compelled to completely follow Father’s instructions now.


Only one focal point

Everyone in North Korea thinks of Kim II Sung as a father figure and 20 million North Koreans are united around him. Yet the population in South Korea, as you can see every day in the news, is totally divided. Among the 40 million South Koreans, there are 40 million different opinions. For the South to win over the North in a joint election, against whatever competition they may have, South Koreans have to unite, whether they like it or not. There is only one focal point that they can unite around, and that is Father. Only centered on Father Moon does Korea have a chance to unite.

Father has said that the foundation of the world is based upon the restoration of three archangels. In the last 40 years, he restored the foundation of these three archangels: the Unification Church, the Victory Over Communism (VOC) movement, and the academic world. Because of our strong groundwork in these three areas, when the wives go out they won’t suffer as much as in the past, because now we have, for example, 7 million VOC members. Many parents and relatives of members are already members themselves. They already know Rev. Moon is a great man. Therefore, even if their daughters bring two or three children back home with them, they will want to help feed and take care of them. So this mobilization won’t be as difficult as some of the previous ones.

Why were the blessed wives mobilized? At the fall, Eve was the first to come under the control of the archangel; therefore, Eve has to go first to the front line to restore the dominion over the archangel. That is why, in the Last Days, women have to be mobilized first on the front line of restoration.

Only after the South Koreans achieve total unification among themselves can they win against North Korea. Therefore, the blessed wives took Father’s call as their moment of destiny. Without any complaint, without any questioning, they headed directly toward their chosen destination, to work and prepare for the possibility that 7,000 members would join them [from overseas] and help restore the Korean peninsula.

So now you need to prepare for Father’s direction, whatever that may be. Can you do that?

Thank you very much.

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