True Peace Magazine January 2019 Issue

Prepared by True Peace Magazine Team

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Main Contents

  1. ARTICLE a: A Tribute to a great person
  2. True Parents Messages: God’s Hope for Humanity, Part 3, Prayer for Beginning a Year of Great Importance, Seizing the Opportunity, Doing Something for the Unity of Heavenly Korea
  3. Photos section: souvenir pictures
  4. Yohan Lee’s Ascension Hostility to evil, A turning point in a life of faith
  5. Ascension of Bo-Hi Pak beloved Mentor! Homage to Dr. Bo Hi Pak, Leading a Ballet Company into Battle
  6. YOUTH: Train the leaders of the future in Africa through the education of Hyo Jeong, the value for Africa of Youth and students for peace
  7. Heavenly Tribal Messiah: An Academy that Trains Messiahs, The Dream in Which I Can Become Perfect by Enabling My Partner to Become Perfect , Becoming a Heavenly Tribal Messiah, Heavenly Parent and True Parents Gave Me New Life, The Process of HTM Organization Management

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  1. BAZU says:

    Very important and many deep reflexions. Clear news and videos of True parents. thank you very much.

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