Spain: Family Blessing Event


By Maryvonne Jamois, FFWPU Spain

Before True Parent´s Birthday and Anniversary of Foundation Day we wanted to offer something substantial as a community to Heavenly Parent and True Parents so we organized a Blessing ceremony in Barcelona last week, and this week in Madrid.

That is why we have hold a Blessing of Marriage Festival On February 3, 2019 in Madrid. After a few words of welcome by Enrique and Marcia who emceed the event, we sing together “song of the banquet” and invited our special guest singer, Maristela Gruber, Brazilian singer who interpreted Ave Maria from Schubert. Her song and her voice elevated us all and we were ready to enter in the spirit of the Blessing ceremony.

A short video was shown, and an explanation of the Blessing and the different steps given by Manuel Campillo and the guests and members received the Holy Wine, the holy Water, the vows and the blessing prayer.

Maristela congratulated the couples singing “Hallelujah” and David Pique offered a few words of congratulations, expressing that when we receive a blessing, we have to give it to others around….

One of the new couples came to the stage to cut the cake and we finished this event, sharing snacks and appetizers.

All the persons who participated were very happy to have been invited and one lady said: “I feel so much love in all the events you organize”

We thank our Heavenly Parent and our True Parents for this new opportunity to give the blessing.

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