Peru: Preparation for the Victory of Vision 2020

Prepared by FFWPU Peru


Near the high Andean mountain city of Puno (4,000 meters above sea level) local FFWPU members are witnessing every day. The FFWPU city leader met with the Prefect (government official) and he arranged for this indigenous community to attend the Blessing. They all came in their tradition costume, very excited and happy. 40 couples took part in the Blessing Ceremony.


CARP Peru has been holding many meetings to raise up members and guests to a new level. Last week as part of their ongoing preparation for 2020, they gathered together all their closest contacts and members in the HQ in Lima to develop their understanding of the mission and deepen their relationship with True Parents, and to work together. Everyone who came was very inspired by the experience and pledged to work hard in this final time period before 2020.

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