Peru: Celebration of UN week of Interfaith Harmony


by Trevor Edward Jones, UPF Peru

On Monday 18th of February 2019, UPF Peru organised a Prayer Breakfast for members of the AIPD to celebrate the UN Week of Inter-religious Harmony.

Together with IAPD President Bishop Jesus Mejia Quiroz we invited representatives of all the religions active in Peru.

Guest List: – Eight ministers from the Anglican Catholic Church, three representatives of the Christian Police Association, one minister from the “Light in the Desert” Christian church, one Catholic from the “Guardian Angels” group, the Adventist Church, a Hindu Priest, two Muslim Imams and one Jewish community representative.

Leaders of the four main religions offered their thoughts and prayers and we shared with them a video of the work of UPF in the Interfaith world. During the breakfast many shared their thoughts and hopes for the work of IAPD in Peru and future meetings were proposed and agreed.

Dr Jones spoke about the history of our work and the guidance of Rev and Mrs Moon about our vision of the importance of the family and our desire to encourage all families to join in programs of rededication of marriage vows that will be talking place in Peru later this year. There was a very positive response and one church leader invited us to participate in the anniversary celebrations of his church so that we could bring this vision to his congregation.

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