Lithuania: Second Generation Workshop in Vilnius

Prepared by FFWPU Lithuania

We held an education program from January 28 to February 3, under the name “My True Self” in Vilnius, Lithuania, for second-generation students of Eastern Europe. There were four students from Russia and five young Japanese missionaries, as well as the eldest son of the national leaders of Lithuania.

Mrs. Elena Kalmatskaya, the regional director for Second-Generation Education, gave lectures about searching for one’s true “I,” about spiritual growth, about searching of one’s destiny.

The program also included fundraising, in which the Japanese missionaries went out in pairs with Russian and Lithuanian students. They were a great example of older brothers and sisters for our second generation—taking good care of them, offering great support and helping them to overcome difficulties.

During the program, we organized a service project in an orphanage, in which we played with the children and made sushi. We got to know the director of the orphanage, a very good woman.

The program was amazing! Everyone had a very good experience. There were deep encounters with God during fundraising, and the participants had tearful prayers many times.

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