Italy: Youth Sunday Service and Korean Lesson In Padua


Meeting of young people from Northern Italy

by Elena Chirulli, CARP Italy

A common dream that has become a reality, dedicated to the culture of encounter. On Sunday, January 27th a meeting took place in Padua, attended by several young people who live in the north of our beautiful peninsula. Smiling looks, happy to meet and full of life accompanied the day, which involved young people aged 14 to 35, from different cities, including Padua, Bergamo, Brescia, Turin, Milan.

An event organized by CARP ITALIA in collaboration with the FFWPU. Peace, true values, friendship and joy were just some of the pieces that were the setting for the event, full of reflections, songs and moments of joy in the company. There were over forty participants including 26 young people from the Carp and Harp. The meeting coordinated by Davide and Elena Chirulli and the Paduan community took place in street Acquette, a few steps from Prato della Valle, one of the largest squares in Europe.

After the warm welcome to the youth, Davide led the morning giving space to songs, readings, prayers, music and food for thought that gave life to an interesting Youth Sunday Service. The central message entitled “The time in which we are living” was given by Gukson Capone who deepened the value of responsibility in our daily lives. Time, so unique and precious, is fundamental, to dig into oneself and develop an inner depth, learning to grow through engagement in social activities such as CARP or STF and trying to be an example to others by always connecting to God.

History teaches us that there were people who worked to improve society and we should learn from them to make a positive contribution. Then followed short testimonies of some guys who took part in the Harp winter course. Nausika Celnikasi, Sara Bruzzano, Jessica Sileo, True Love recounted their experience at the workshop, coloring it with their own sensitivity and personality. The teaching that our courses offer to young people has emerged from all: the value of sharing, respect and gratitude.

At the end a song and a brief greeting by the local leader of FFWPU, Angelo Chirulli who deepened the value of unity, friendship and the importance of never feeling alone. At the conclusion of the Sunday service, the guys had lunch in company spending the afternoon together. At the delicious Chinese lunch, tasty pancakes and tiramisu were also served.

The day, however, reserved interesting surprises even in the afternoon with the Korean lesson held by HyangJoo, mother tongue teacher. Curious and interested, young people and adults have ventured into the study of phonemes and writing. Warm embraces and greetings finally crowned the event, which ended happily. Excited and satisfied, the young people thanked and expressed their desire to participate again in this experience.

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