Italy: One Day Divine Principle Seminar

By Elisabetta Nistri, FFWPU Italy

On the 9th of February at the centre of Colle Mattia, Rome, there was held a one day seminary of the Divine Principle. There were 11 guests and several brothers and sisters. The teachers Ignazio Cabras and Elisabetta Calì were able to transfer the deep significance of the message and the revelation that God has given in the present days to Reverend Moon.

The topics that were covered, God’s ideal for man, The fall of man, The mission of Jesus, and the Significance of the history, raised the interest and the attention of the guests. They made several questions, deep reflections and requests of deepening the topics during the discussion.

The most special thing, however, was the atmosphere that was created while understanding the Heart of God, who desires to be more and more present in our lives, and help the humanity to realize the dream of all times: a world of peace and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as in Heaven.

This made us all feel as true brothers and sisters, and gave to the participants the motivation to become witnesses of the message.

The meeting was concluded by a prayer in group where everyone who desired, offered his prayer to God in a spontaneous and familiar atmosphere.

The next day some of the guests participated also to the Ceremony of God’s Day and listened to the speech of Dr. Mrs. Moon at the Summit. They appreciated the sermon given by Carmine Natale, the pastor of the Community, and gave deep testimonies of their experiences during the Seminary.

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