Italy: CARP Event

Prepared by CARP Italy

On February 17, 2019, a CARP Japanese event was organized in La Spezia Street 73, Rome.

At the beginning of the meeting, Davide Chirulli and Valerio Tammiso gave the welcoming remarks and displayed the program, then giving two informational presentations about CARP and about Japan.

Consequently, the room was organized in three different posts, each of them designated for a specific activity. The first, gently guided by Miyuki, provided a first approach to origami, showing several of her compositions and teaching, with various passages, how to build a swan, able to flap its

wings. The second activity, guided by Midori, exhibited different types of ideograms in Chinese characters written with ink on rice paper. Whoever desired, had the possibility to directly try the experience, and receive a bookmark with its own name written in Japanese. In the third post, guided by Davide, it was possible to practice the Tea Ceremony, of the typical Japanese Matcha tea, with the use of traditional tools. Evryone could try and taste the tea so produced.

Every 20 minutes a group finished the experience in one of the post, it could leave the post to another group and take part in another activity. The purpose of each one of these activities was to introduce the participants to the Japanese culture, in a direct and practical way.

The feedback was really positive and many of the people present look forward to the next CARP activities in program.

To conclude the event, a celebratory toast of peace and a short message given by President Elisabetta Nistri, followed by a rich buffet of snacks, drinks and obviously… SUSHI!!!

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