International President at the Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly

Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly

Opening Remarks

International President of FFWPU, Sun Jin Moon

February 14, 2019 – Cheongpyeong Heaven and earth Training Center

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Respected Cheon Il Guk Leaders from 7 Regional Groups and from more than 120 nations. Beloved brothers and sisters!

Welcome back home to True Parents’ homeland and this Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Assembly 2019!

When we wholeheartedly believe in True Parents, God blesses us with miracles! Isn’t that right?

Wasn’t the Celebration of True Parents’ Birthday wonderful, and especially True Mother’s message?

There’s just been one incredible, amazing event after another.

The World Summit 2019 was spectacular! True Mother launched the International Summit Council for Peace (ISCP) as a project of UPF, with several current heads of state and government and nearly 30 former heads of state and government. The ISCP will be a partner with other UPF initiatives of True Mother, including IAPP, IAPD, and IATP.

And what about the Sunhak Peace Prize Award Ceremony? The two laureates—Waris Dirie and Dr. Adesina—are, yet again, remarkable people, and represent the true heart and spirit of the Sunhak Peace Prize. I had a chance to meet them both over lunch with True Mother. They are such wonderful people.

There was also the 30th Anniversary of the Segye Ilbo newspaper, and True Mother has indicated that the Segye Ilbo should develop and grow as a leading media voice in this nation.

The list goes on and on, including the ICUS conference, Peace Road Programs, the exhibition of True Parents’ life and work, and there’s so much more still to come, including the opening of the CheonBo Won, the Rally and Workshop for the Heavenly Tribal Messiah providence, the CheongPyeong Great Works program, and the Celebration of the 6th Anniversary of Foundation Day. Wow. And then we conclude with a Victory Celebration on February 18. What an amazing schedule.

And, to top it off, everything is pointing ahead to the grandest culminating program of all, next year, in 2020.

I want to thank you all for your devotion and attendance to True Parents, and especially your filial heart of support for True Mother over these past 6 and a half years since True Father’s ascension.

I know that during this Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Assembly you will hear reports from each of the 7 Regional Groups, as well as from UPF, WFWP and YSP.

Nevertheless, I want to briefly review some of the accomplishments of the past year, which have been overwhelming.

Since our last meeting in February 2018, we have witnessed and been amazed and inspired by so many accomplishments and positive developments, centering on our True Parents, and led by our beloved True Mother. From the expansion of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah Providence, to the momentum building around the Blessing, we are witnessing unprecedented growth. And from the explosion of Rallies in Korea, Japan, USA and Europe, as well as Summits in Africa, South America and Asia, FFWPU and UPF are leading the way.

We began 2018 with True Mother gracing the first Africa Summit where True Mother, with her powerful heartfelt prayer, liberated all those who had been enslaved, and sent overseas from Gorée Island, never to see their families or homeland again. She anointed and appointed the call for Heavenly Africa, and on this foundation heavenly fires are sweeping across Africa, unshackling humanity from the roots of the Fall.

The Africa Summit in Senegal created an explosion and the enthusiasm generated an upswing that resulted in a ten nation follow-up tour across Africa, to Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Niger, Togo, Liberia, Burundi, Madagascar and Nigeria.

MOU’s were signed between UPF and the leadership of these nations, indicating an agreement to engage in follow-up programs such as IAPP, IAPD, Peace Road, Character Education, business development, and the Interfaith Peace Blessing. These programs are part of the strategic plan for building “heavenly Africa.”

And the providence in Africa just kept expanding.

True Mother officiated a major World Peace Blessing ceremony in Harare, Zimbabwe in November, and had a personal meeting with the President. She then went to Cape Town for the second Africa Summit of 2018. And from there to Kathmandu, Nepal, the rooftop of the world, and birthplace of Lord Buddha.

Can we offer a thunderous round of applause for these heavenly victories?! Can we please honor Rev, Bakary Camara, Rev. Kathy Rigney and all the African leaders for their brave and extraordinary efforts in the vast mission field of Heavenly Africa?!

I would also like to thank Mrs. Wonju McDevitt, Dr. Yoon, Professor Yeon Ah Moon, and True Mother’s support and security team from Cheongpyeong for attending our True Mother in Africa and Asia especially when I had been grounded due to complications from my yellow fever vaccine and influenza that resulted in a medical emergency. Thank you all for your amazing love and attendance.

But, things are not happening only in Africa and Asia. There are so many amazing miracles also happening right here in Heavenly Korea which is the central nation of God’s providence, the sacred homeland of our True Parents.

The Rally for Peace on the Korean Peninsula that was convened in November 2017 in the World Cup Stadium, with a record breaking attendance of 80,000+, held in conjunction with the worldwide launch of the UPF’s Interreligious Association for Peace and Development, has also triggered a holy explosion in Korea. In fact, I am convinced that True Mother’s rally and all the prayers, Jungsung and efforts of brothers and sisters the world over moved the heart of heaven, and especially our True Father. I know True Father and True Mother want nothing more than to witness the reunification of North and South Korea. I know that your hard work is setting the spiritual conditions that will make it possible to usher in such a glorious day!

True Mother convened so many enormous and spirit-filled rallies in 2018 in Korea and the heavenly energy reverberated across the nation. I was surprised and moved to find out that under Rev. Lee’s sustainable and responsible leadership these events were for the first time carried out by the sincere love and donations of the Blessed Central Families of Heavenly Korea. Rev. Lee’s heart was that the father nation, like a true father and gentleman, must stand at the forefront supporting the providence and taking responsibility to not just receive from True Mother but to offer Heavenly Parent, True Parents, and FFWPU victory funds.

When we held the rally in Okayama that was devastated by floods, Rev. Tokuno said he was moved when Rev. Lee and the father nation offered aid and donations to the mother nation. Since the beginning, the mother nation has always given and offered everything for the father nation and the world. But this time, finding itself on the receiving end of this beautiful give and take True Love, our brothers and sisters in Heavenly Japan were deeply moved by Heavenly Korea’s offering. This is True Love and great responsible leadership in action. Heavenly Korea and Heavenly Japan are truly united and the role model for all nations. I call this the new gentleman’s era, “Mochin Shide”, and I know True Father would be so proud that Heavenly Korea is supporting and loving True Mother and our mother nation.

The CheongPyeong Training Center has been invigoratingly revitalized, single handedly designed, and planned by our True Mother. CheongPyeong is the epicenter of Hyojeong heart education and the spiritual mecca, energizing brothers and sisters from across the world. If you need a personal, familial, or ancestral breakthrough, CheongPyeong is the divine answer. There is no doubt that Cheon Il Guk, heaven on earth, is being realized right here in this Holy Ground.

Let us give a glorious round of applause and show appreciation for the leadership and work of Rev Ki-Seong Lee, Jin-tae Joo, Gun Hwangbo, In-yeong Song, Jong-hyeok Lim, Yeong-bae Park and our amazing Heavenly Korean brothers and sisters and all the global leaders who aided and brought victory to our beloved father nation!!!

Now, what about Japan? If the father nation is victorious, our mother nation must be doing double duty in offering jungsung and offering ground-breaking victories, yes?

Absolutely Yes! We would not be a worldwide movement without our precious Japanese brothers and sisters. Each global foundation, organization, asset, and seed investment of our movement was born from the blood, sweat and tears of our mother nation.

And our Japanese brothers and sisters have soared to new heights! True Mother has been making repeated victorious visits to Japan, and speaking in front of tens of thousands, inspiring our precious Japanese brothers and sisters to realize Heavenly Japan.

I was deeply honored to have traveled last year to Okayama, on behalf of True Mother. Okayama had been devastated by a typhoon that took the lives of over 60 people in the prefecture and over 120 in West Japan. What I witnessed in Japan was the true heart of Heavenly Parent. Despite all the suffering and loss, this heavenly nation poured out True Love and practiced living for the sake of others to support and relieve the suffering of the displaced people of Okayama. Other humanitarian organizations, along with our loving True Mother, and our heroic Japanese leaders and church volunteers risked their lives to save and serve others.

I was able to visit our Okayama Blessed Central Families in their deluged and destroyed homes and communities. I saw firsthand the unimaginable obliteration of their ground zero. The community was unrecognizable, with trees and landscape all mowed down and flattened by the flood. Cars on top of homes; homewares haphazardly strewn about and littering the landscape. Unbearable heat and humidity as the air was thick from mold, bacteria, refuse and rot. Walls and mountains of garbage, and homes all gutted and uprooted off their foundations. What I saw left me speechless. When I heard from family members about their harrowing accounts of the disaster and miraculous survival stories, I could do nothing but break down and cry and offer comforting hugs and humble prayer.

It was by the grace of God that their lives were spared. It was a miracle they survived. However, more than saving their own lives or material things, the greater miracle was that they tried to save their principle teachings and holy books. Instead of mourning the loss of their homes, they mourn the holy relics and texts they could not carry out from the flood. It was this pure heart of Hyojeong and True Love to Heavenly Parent that inspired me, despite the widespread loss and devastation. That was when I realized the true heart and expression of Hyojeong. I witnessed so many True Sons and Daughters of God in Okayama, and I was forever changed in my heart by the exalted example set by our members in our Heavenly mother nation.

Every time I visit Japan I am brought to tears when I observe the deep faith and the heart of our Japanese brothers and sisters. So many Japanese members, many of whom have even passed on to the spiritual world, have dedicated themselves selflessly over many decades. Without the absolute and sincere sacrifice of our Japanese brothers and sisters, True Parents would never have been able to respond so fully to God’s Will or accomplish so much in such a short time.

Our True Parents have been desperate to fulfill God’s providence, and no one has understood that desperation better than our Japanese brothers and sisters. I’d like to ask all of you to give a standing ovation to our Japanese leaders, Rev. and Mrs. Eiji Tokuno, Rev. Seong-man Lee, the 5 Sub-Regional Directors, Tomihiro Tanaka, Hyeong-joo Bae, Yoshihumi Kotouda, Man-jin Kim, Jeong-pil Park, the Elders such as Rev. Oyamada and Dr. Song, and 2nd gen Mr. Kajikuri, Mr. Masaichi Hori, Moriko san, Sam, and all our victorious Heavenly Japan brothers and sisters. Please receive our eternal gratitude and love. Let us encourage them as they will surely bring miracles and realize Vision 2020 as true Heavenly Japan.

Minasan Arigato gozaimasu. Aishite shimasu. (Thank you everybody. I love you.)

Now that Korea and Japan are blazing the trail, what comes next? The Elder Son nation.

Since the Madison Square Garden program in 2017, USA has been shaking and erupting spiritually, and even literally with the earthquakes, fires, floods, and volcanic eruptions that have taken place all over the western continent. The Madison Square Garden program set a new high standard. True Mother was so serious about the establishment of Heavenly America, that she implemented the five-region system which has served to re-energize our USA movement.

True Parents spent over 40 years in America, raising up Blessed Central Family members, and sacrificing their own family. They came to America in the position of firefighters or medical doctors, determined to save the nation from moral decline, godlessness, and unprincipled ways. I was born in the USA. The culture, language, education, friends and family make it my homeland of birth, and I will always root for the Heavenly USA. It was around the time of True Father’s “God Bless America” rally, that I was still a baby in True Mother’s womb, and to this day I pray and hold the hope in my heart that True Parents’ dream can be realized in the USA! I know our American brothers and sisters are working super hard to achieve that goal! Rev. Dunkley I see you, and other Regional Directors, raising holy fire on the internet and social media… and we are cheering for your victory and for God to truly bless America!

Also Rev. Dunkley, let me congratulate you on your new appointment as president of HSA USA, Family Federation USA.

I know you will be victorious! Also, I want to appreciate outgoing president Rev. Buessing for your true faith and dedication to Heavenly Parent.

I know that our Heavenly USA and Canadian brothers and sisters are fully engaged in attending our True Mother and will also be victorious! You are on heavenly fire! A true blaze of glory!

Can we all give a round of applause for our Heavenly elder son nation, the USA and Canada on their victory this November at Nassau Coliseum? Please rise Heavenly American leaders Rev. Kim, Rev. Dunkley, Rev. Jenkins, Mr. McDevitt, Moon-shik Kim, Rev. Buessing, and five sub-regional leaders Ernest Patton, David Rendel, John Jackson, Larry Krishnek , and all victorious US Blessed Central Families! I know God will bless America! Aju!

Now I have to turn to Europe and the Middle East? Is Europe only the old world of antiquity and aging relics? No!

Absolutely not! There is nothing old about Heavenly Europe! I was at the launch of Youth and Students for Peace Europe and True Mother’s victorious Vienna Rally. It was nothing short of a heavenly revival and pure inspiration of true hearts and minds. At the Youth and Students for Peace rally, you could see True Father’s dream of one family under God coming alive.

We are so accustomed to having large gatherings in Asia that coming to Europe was like embarking on a journey to the New World. Our European Blessed Central Family members are multi-culturally, internationally, and internally beautiful. They provide a beacon of hope, demonstrating what can happen if we establish a world absolutely united as one family under God. Europe is a shining example of transcendence and enlightenment; it has the potential to inspire the world throughout the ages.

When True Mother met our European family, whose generations spanned from the first to the fourth, she was deeply encouraged and she praised the 1st gens for raising the next generations with pure love, absolute faith, and sincere dedication. True Mother’s happiness about Europe and all the European events deeply moved my heart. When True Mother heard that members from across Europe, Russia, the Middle East had gathered by the tens of thousands to hear True Mother’s message, in the beautiful city of Vienna, in the heart of Europe, and a crossroads between Eurasia, Western Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East, she beamed with pride and joy.

I think this invigorated and inspired True Mother even more as she delivered a powerful and beautiful message in Vienna’s premier stadium, packed with our members and their guests who far outnumbered the members. True Mother was so pleased, and especially happy that so many Russians travelled such a long distance just to meet True Mother. When one blond little 3rd generation girl was so overjoyed she rushed to hug our True Mother as she walked out of the stadium, True Mother’s face beamed with sheer delight and optimism for the future of Heavenly Europe.

Can we give a round of applause for our Russian brothers and sisters? Thank you.

The Vienna Rally sparked a heavenly rainbow of fireworks in Europe that even our True Father, from heaven, could not resist but to join True Mother there in the form of a loving full moon that rose above the statue of Strauss, the composer of the famous Viennese waltz. Austria’s famed music also inspired a lot of our dancing and joy during the victory boat cruise on the Blue Danube. Even the creation wanted to attend True Mother and manifested itself in the form of our friend “shvan” (swan) in Stadt park. Memories and victories we shall never forget and hope to repeat soon! Dr. Balcomb, Dr. Otsuka, Dr. Schmidt, Rev. Corley, Rev. Huish, Rev. Angelucci, Jacques Marion, David Fraser Harris, Konstantin Krylov, Rev. Cali, Dr. Hannah, Rev. Moulinet and all leaders and members from the greater European and Middle East Region, including our wonderful Russian brothers and sisters, and all volunteers to Europe, please receive an outstanding round of applause for Heavenly Europe!

And let us encourage them as they prepare for a Europe-Middle East Summit later this year, perhaps in Albania!!!

Let me see, now. Have I overlooked any one? Seems there was something that happened last year in the Southern Hemisphere.

Could it be Latin America? Just going through this list of victories, what a whirlwind of miracles! Let me catch my breath! To all our Heavenly Latin America Blessed Central Families, Oi tu ta bien? Hola como est ta? Bien!

Si, Sim! As we all know, True Mother was in Brazil last August for the Latin America Summit. She launched Heavenly Latin America and valiantly called for oneness between North and South America, between rich and poor, between the Protestant north and the Catholic south, and enlightened the religious leaders with the truth that, without True Parents’ Holy Blessing, and the complete understanding of Heavenly Parent’s true dream, their spiritual and monastic paths shall forever be incomplete.

It is not a coincidence that much of the news of today of the child sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church and the growing “Me too” movement spanning the globe is positively breaking the glass ceiling and forcing the world to recognize and rebalance the past, present and future of sex abuse, prejudice, injustice, misogyny, sexism, and all deviation from the Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ completed model of True Love, True Family, and the Holy Blessing. True Mother is bringing the divine completed truth with her trailblazing revelation that she is Heavenly Parent’s only begotten Daughter, and she has deepened our understanding of Jesus’s mission to return and complete the Holy Wedding and Marriage Supper of the Lamb with his true bride. During the Latin America Summit, she shared the victory of our True Father in completing Jesus’ mission. True Parents, together as one complete, unified, perfected only begotten Son and Daughter of Heavenly Parent, have completed everything. Together, they have opened the way to liberation and salvation for the entire cosmos. Today, True Parents are highlighted all across the globe, and recognized by VVIPs worldwide as standing at the center stage of history.

Can I get an Amen, or an Aju for True Parents? Thank you.

Brothers and Sisters, Latin America also delivered one of the largest audience numbers for a stadium rally, with over 30,000+ people.

When I went on tour to Latin America, right after True Father’s first Seonghwa anniversary, I could have never believed such a victory could be achieved. But Heavenly Latin America delivered, and I was amazed, moved, and I am an absolute believer that more great victories will come!

I will never forget that rally as one of the most triumphant moments I have experienced while serving True Mother.

Also, in a way that was so timely and pertinent to the challenges facing North and South America today, True Mother offered the unifying solution to all the divisions we see plaguing our global relations. She said that the Peace Road, running from Santiago, Chile to the Bering Strait would be the spinal cord linking north and south and that this was an essential component of Heavenly Parent’s and True Father’s dream of peace.

I remember being on the UPF Inaugural World Tour, travelling with True Mother in Latin America in 2006, and speaking about the Bering Strait project. I was asked to deliver the speech in several countries in the region, and I always remember that sentence about the highway stretching from Santiago to the Bering Strait, across Russia to Europe and to Cape Town. At that time, I could not imagine the gravity and tremendous vision this peace highway or peace road represented. However, I am humbled every day when I understand that what I did not believe before is the absolute truth and solution to the challenges we face today.

True Mother has been strongly proclaiming the vision of the International Peace Highway, first announced by True Father at ICUS in 1981, long before there was any mention of “one belt, one road.” In every one of the 120 nations that True Parents visited on the 2005 UPF World Tour, they delivered the message of the Peace Highway, and the Bering Strait Bridge and Tunnel project.

When True Mother proclaimed that the Peace Road would be the spinal cord for the hemisphere I could feel the stadium shake. We need both the spiritual highway that connects heavenly South America and North America, but also the physical highway. Roads, transportations systems, including bridges, and tunnels, this physical connectivity can bring people together to learn, travel, deepen, and shape our understanding that we are all one family. It can also link us to a higher understanding of our spiritual oneness with God and all creation. When we build walls we not only keep others out, we block God out of our hearts and minds. True Parents have always known this truth, and with the peace highway they want to open the path to love our enemies and practice True Love on a global stage.

The victory celebration in Brazil was attended by more than 5,000 people and the Latin America leadership, in total unity with the second gen, put on a performance like nothing I’ve ever seen. Among all the entertainment programs I’ve witnessed throughout the years, this Latin America production was awe-inspiring. It was a visual, musical, heart-moving performance of poetry, culture, and dance, along with beautiful pictures from the lives of True Parents, and performances of some of their most beloved songs. They deeply understood and captured True Parents’ love, hope, Hyojeong heart, and victory. It was absolutely spectacular!

Our True Mother was sincerely impressed and moved by this Victory Celebration. I will never forget the absolute dedication, love and faith of our Latin American leaders and brothers and sisters. They are truly amazing and beautiful.

Please Rev. Sang-seok Kim, Dr. Yang, Rev. Shin, Rev. Seo, Rev Kwon, Dr. Ferabolli, Rev. Eliecer, all leaders from past, present, future that have opened the door to Heavenly Latin America and our beloved brothers and sisters from Heavenly Latin America, please rise to receive your victorious applause!

Now, what Region have I not yet discussed? Asia Pacific of course. The last shall be first, right?

The Asia Pacific Region is where much of the attention of the world is shifting, as predicted by our True Parents.

Heavenly Fires are truly burning across the Asia Pacific Region, from tiny island nations such as Vanuatu, Tuvalu and Palau, to gigantic continental nations like India and China, that contain approximately one third of the world’s entire population, and both are emerging as major economic and political powers.

Near the close of 2018 we had a huge victory, one that was as high as Mt. Everest, none other than the Asia Pacific Summit in Kathmandu. Already the government of Nepal gave its full support and encouragement. Heads of state, parliamentarians, religious leaders and civil society leaders were in attendance, and most importantly True Mother was the guest of honor. She was welcomed by the President, and the Prime Minister played central roles throughout the entire Summit, along with heads of state from Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Samoa, Tuvalu, and other nations. Former heads of state from Pakistan, Iran, Colombia and other countries also attended, not only the Summit, but the YSP program, and, finally, the Blessing Ceremony. The Asia Pacific Summit was masterfully organized and executed, and was the concluding high point of 2018.

Let’s give a grand round of applause to Dr. Yong, Rev. Thomas Hwang, Hon. Ek Nath, Dr. Kittel, Dr. Lek, Ursula MacLackland, Rev. Sang-seon Park, Rev. Stone, and all our precious Asia Pacific leaders and brothers and sisters.

Wow what a jam-packed year of miracles! I’ve even stopped unpacking my suitcase. I have to be ever ready for the stream of victories and travels to come!

To conclude this heavenly wave of global victories can we, as OFUG, give a magnificent round of applause for each Heavenly Region and nation! Please all rise up! If you haven’t been anointed as Heavenly, or if you shall soon claim your heavenly miracle and be anointed, please rise for your future victory! We are praying for all of you and will join you wherever Heavenly victory beckons! Aju!

As you can tell I’ve departed from my traditional way of addressing this assembly, and have delivered a speech of praise and appreciation. And deservedly so. However, we can never fly too high on our laurels and lose touch with the continued suffering around the globe. In that light I hope you can receive this briefing.

Having now just discussed “what” we have been accomplishing and planning, I would like to shift focus more importantly to the “why” and to what concerns our True Mother the most.

When we reach for the news on social media or any other media outlet or platform, one gets the sense that the world is at a critical tipping point.

As True Mother has taught us, the earth is critically ill, and self-centered leadership is plaguing our globe with destruction, division, ignorance and potential catastrophe.

One cannot get away from news, videos, and images of waves of plastic crashing on what used to be pristine beaches.

Fishing lines entangling whales, dolphins, turtles and fish that have plastic in their stomachs. Countless species dying and becoming extinct as a result of the way we live. One study summed it up simply as follows: .01% makes up the total human biomass on earth. This .01% of humans has already destroyed 83% of wild mammals, 80% of marine mammals, 50% of plant species and 14% of fish species on earth. These statistics are jarring and put out in clear numbers and facts that we cannot deny that we are failing God, creation, the third blessing and the future we leave for the families and generations to come.

By 2050, scientists are predicting that there will more plastic in the ocean than fish.

Extreme heat has caused super dry conditions all over the globe where fires are raging, causing large evacuations, air pollution and widespread damage. We have broken most heat and rain indexes across the globe in the past 7 years and super floods and fires rage on with no end in sight.

Climate change and extreme weather are causing more flooding, which we have seen happen more often, especially in the southern states in America, South America, Latin America, as well as recently here in Korea after the recent typhoon and in Japan which was deluged with multiple typhoons, such as in Okayama where we directly witnessed the devastation.

The world is interconnected and no one can escape this reality. When disaster hits an area, there follows shortages in resources, food, clean water, and energy; in addition, infrastructure, good governance, the rule of law, life as we know it are threatened, with repercussions around the globe. If people cannot find relief, they migrate, flee, or seek asylum. The overflow of migrants and suffering people becomes a burden for the globe. If we build walls and turn a blind eye, the disaster continues even if we cannot see it on your own borders. Globally we are hitting tipping points everywhere. If humanity can’t live in harmony with nature and each other, then rage, survival mode, hate, protectionism and war will escalate. If we don’t change our hearts to heal the wounds of the world, if we do not love our neighbors, it will spiral downward leaving this precious gift of creation and life to pass through our fingers. I do not think there is a region or nation represented in this room that has not been struck by this bitter reality that we face today.

Yet we still have politicians and leaders who state that “truth isn’t truth”. This epitomizes the confused moral and spiritual climate of society today.

Social media has not only increased the level of awareness and the speed of sharing information, but also at the same time has heightened the intensity of disseminating hate, anger, and misinformation more than True Love, Living for the Sake of Others, One Family under God and peace.

With the world facing this visible instability that is more apparent, the insecurity is amplified and leads to the creation of more divisions and walls between races, classes, nations, and religions around the world.

Now more than ever, the world needs Heavenly Parent’s unconditional love and True Parents’ grace, blessing, True Love and divine truth.

Now more than ever, the world needs all of you to help save and restore it.

Our True Parents are the Alpha and the Omega. They are the only begotten son and the only begotten daughter of Heavenly Parent. Together, they have laid the foundation for bringing an end to human suffering and conflict, uniting all people with True Love, and ushering in an era of peace and mutual prosperity.

The seeds our True Parents planted over many decades are bearing fruit today. Increasingly we see distinguished heads of state, religious leaders, parliamentarians, great leaders from all fields, who represent every religion, nationality, race, gender, age, and creed, welcoming and accepting our True Parents’ Divine truth.

We are living in the midst of a Hyojeong revolution, led by True Mother. We are experiencing the amazing power of one united global family, victorious true sons and daughters of True Parents and Heavenly Parent!

Thank you, Brothers and sisters, for being the light of Hyojeong hope, True Love, pure devotion, absolute faith, and for making Heavenly Parent’s dream of Vision 2020 and Cheon Il Guk a reality! Because of you, I know we will have a year of abundance and victory! You are the keys to unlocking our worldwide family from the shackles of the Fall and ushering in a new day of peace, mutual prosperity, and True Love, resetting the balance of the earth and cosmos back to its original glory. You shall be victorious! From the bottom of my heart I thank you for making the impossible possible!

2019 is going to be phenomenal. Fasten your seatbelts and don’t unpack your bags.

True Mother will be on the march.

What a whirlwind of activity True Mother is inspiring and generating:

Blessings, Tribal Messiah expansion, UPF, IAPP, the IAPD, the Peace Road Foundation, the Sunhak Peace Prize, the Korean Religions Association, Youth and Students for Peace, WFWP’s Global Women’s Peace Network.

I should not fail to mention and congratulate UPF for being honored by the United Nations and the Economic and Social Council with an upgrade of its consultative status from specialization in interreligious dialogue, to “general” status indicating its wider range of capacities and strengths. This indicates the growing trust and appreciation by nations around the world in the mission and work of True Parents and the great work you are doing all across the globe. Only because of your great work could this have happened. Dr. Walsh and UPF you are my global peace super hero!

The list of achievements goes on and on.

And, this is all in addition to this Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly, which is surely among the most important. For this is the gathering of our worldwide movement’s highest-level leaders from every sphere. We have this precious time together to hear reports, receive our True Mother’s direct guidance and direction, and to network together as we prepare to return to our respective areas of responsibility. After witnessing the miracles and victories made conceivable and plausible by our True Mother, no one can deny that the source of every victory is due to True Mother’s Hyojeong love, grace, investment and leadership. While there are billions of people on this earth, you are among the few who know the significance of our True Mother, the importance of her words and the essential value of her directions, which hold the key to global transformation.

You all have been given the precious opportunity to be leaders of the movement, through your lifetime of deep sacrifice and faith.

Please take this precious gift and use all your love, experience, and wisdom to plant a multitude of seeds that are sustainable and that can grow deep roots for the future, beyond our own leadership terms and lifetimes.

Brothers and sisters, let us become true filial sons and daughters of True Parents, so that future generations of the movement will thank us for our wisdom during our time of leadership, rather than wondering why we did not do the right thing.

Let’s not waste this precious time and precious opportunity that we have all been given to make Heavenly Parent and creation, True Parents and future generations proud of a bountiful, peaceful lasting legacy on earth and in heaven.



Therefore, brothers and sisters. As we move forward in 2019, let us cultivate a heart of oneness and a filial heart with True Mother on earth and True Father in heaven. Let us be the shining light the world longs to see.

I am confident that we will witness a year of amazing victories as we move forward toward 2020. I assure you that if we are united together, centered on our True Mother, there is nothing we cannot do. Let us fulfill the dream, the vision, the original ideal of our Heavenly Parent and our True Parents.

I wish each and every one of you all the blessings that Heaven has to offer. Please use your time well during this assembly and do not unpack your bags! More victories are on the way, and the heavenly fire is spreading!

Thank you, brothers and sisters. You have my sincere love, deep appreciation and eternal respect. May Heavenly Parent always bless you and your precious families! AJU!

Saranghamnida, kamsahamnida, namaste.


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