Hungary: Memorial Year – Our Relations with Korea

By Gyorgy Kozma, UPF Hungary

This year is the 30th Anniversary, that Hungary established a diplomatic relationship with the Republic of Korea. Among the Eastern European former communist countries, Hungary was the first that opened toward South Korea on 29th January 1989, when Hungary was not yet democratic nation.

Furthermore, Hungary was the nation that initiated to demolish the iron curtain at the Hungarian- Austrian border in May 1989. All these memorial events were the apropos to hold the UPF event on January 24, 2019 titled: “Memorial year – Our relations with Korea”

To open up the event, first we introduced the documentary film made by MBCNET Korea: “The Road to the End of the Cold War”. This moved the audience, seeing how much effort were made by True Parents and the Mission Butterfly missionaries to win over communism.

Following this film, we introduced the UPF feature video, that was prepared for the Asia Summit 2018. True Father pioneered the way, and True Mother at the present age guiding the humankind to take that path that can bring the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

After the introductions, a 16 years old second generation brother Oliver Bajor recited the poem, that True Father wrote at the age of 16, the „Crown of Glory”. This poem also touched the heart of our Ambassadors for Peace.

The main lecturer was a professor from the ELTE University, Korean faculty, Gabor Osvath. He introduced the Korean literature writings translated into Hungarian. He emphasized the filial piety and loyalty very much, that appears many times in the Korean literature.

To uplift more the spirit, there were several performances: Korean music and dance. The daughter of our National Leader, Kiara Krebsz played on piano, one of our blessed wives, Agota Gadzhev played on violin, and we there was a Hungarian lady, Dr. Monika Toth, who used to perform Korean traditional dance on our events. She and the Mugunghwa Dancer Group is getting well known in the country and abroad as well.

The star guest was a merited artist (singer) who received several awards from the nation. She has been on the stage for 50 years. She is also our AFP. Ms. Dévai Nagy Kamilla shared her story when she performed in a living tv-show in North Korea, while Kim Il Sung was also present in the neigbour room. During the rehearsal she was kicked out from the stage, because she sang the song Arirang. The audience was touched, and they cried, yet the security guards took her off the stage. She could not understand why.

Yet when there was the living broadcast of her performance, at the very end she had the courage, risking her life to sing the Arirang. The audience again bursted into tears, and she also survived, nothing happened to her. Later on she got to know that in 1987 the Arirang was forbidden to sing in North Korea. She gave her beautiful performance of Arirang to our guest as well.

The closing remarks was given by our National Leader, and UPF Hungary president, Mr. Tibor Krebsz. He emphasized the importance of the unification of South and North Korea. He explained, it is not a personal issue of Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, but rather it is the way to bring a reconciliation among the great powers supporting the communist and democratic part of the country. This is the way to create world peace. He encouraged the AFP-s to go out and represent these ideas without any doubts.

We sent the article, the photos and videos about the event to the local media. (We can report later if they published it.)

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