Germany: A New Beginning in Munich


By Robert Bentele, FFWPU Germany

After an interim phase, which lasted more than a year, the Munich community of the FFWPU now has a new central figure couple, Stefan and Jae-Sook Schmid. And in order to intitute them duly, Dieter and Ana Schmidt visited us on Saturday and Sunday, February 2 and 3, 2019. After having met with members on Saturday, they conducted the Sunday service at which Elisa Hönig was the MC, Samuel Schuh read Father’s words and our National Leader, Rev. Dieter Schmitt gave the sermon. Here are some excerpts:

At the beginning, he encouraged us to think about how we will look and feel in a year from now. In view of the upcoming new year (according to the lunar calendar)

it is important to commit oneself and to have positive thoughts and feelings and to review and re-adjust the inner “programs”. Daily Hoondokhae is of immense importance for this, even though there may sometimes be little time to do it. He also wanted us to study True Mother more and get to know her better. He challenged us by asking if we really had enough faith in God.

After the sermon there was the second part of the program: the handing over of the leadership of the community of Munich to Stefan and Jae-Sook Schmid, who had agreed to take on this task and also, as they said, experienced spiritual preparation.

When Stefan, a thoroughbred musician, spoke up, he said he could imagine the community as an orchestra where everyone plays an important part. Stefan and Jae-Sook want to form a leader quartet with three young couples and also set much more cultural impulses.

The highlight of our meeting was then that Stefan and Jae-Sook each sang a song, a Korean and a Bavarian, and that we cut a three-tiered cake.

We wish family Schmid abundant blessings of God and much success in their new mission!

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