Finland: Celebrate the joy of Friendship

Prepared by FFWPU Finland

On February 15, 2019 an event under the name “Celebrate the joy of Friendship” organized by Afaes and FFWPU in the hall of Afaes in Makelankatu on the occasion of Valentines´ day.

The program started with djembe drumming experience in a circle that brought us, participants originally from 3 continents and from seven different countries, closely together in harmony.

Followed by sharing of experiences by couples Ben and Nana Selorm and Keijo and Sumiko Mikkanen on how they met and on what they have gone through together in their life while going beyond the boundaries of tribe, nation and culture by experiencing God´s grace and guidance.

Fatima Usman shared with all present how her life experience in Finland changed her view on life and on people, introduced African culture and spoke from her heart on experiences of friendship.

Throughout the program the musical pieces of J. Sibelius, J.S. Bach and F. Liszt presented by pianist Evgenia Maning and violist Julie Svacinova touched our hearts.

The program culminated with the toast of blessing led by Keijo and Sumiko Mikkanen followed by a prayer of blessing.

Prior the toast the MC Josef Svacina briefly introduced the brand of FFWPU, True Parents as the founders, steps of Blessing followed by viewing of a recent EUME video-news covering True Mother´s message to World Summit 2019 leaders and on Sunhak Peace Price Award Ceremony.

The program concluded with international buffet provided by us participants together.



“It was my first contact with an African community for my whole life. First time I touched an African drum and the first time I sang an African song while playing the drum at the same time. It was so exciting that I almost got confused and didn’t know how to hold the drum even. But later on, with super-friendly people there, I started to feel like part of them. and of course, the food… that chilli flavoured fried chicken and rice, made me feel more African and encouraged me to be closer to them. I should thank Mr Keijo for he had invited me there.” with best regards. Siddik Bayram

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