DR Congo: Hopeful Rally for a Heavenly Congo

Prepared by FFWPU DR Congo

On February 3, 2019, we held the hopeful rally for a heavenly Congo with 8000 participants. The theme for this rally was Peace Starts with Me. This event was part of development of True Parents great work in our country as well as creating a foundation for national reconciliation.

It was also a follow-up to other activities carried out in the framework of Heavenly Tribal Messianship, where several couples had already renewed their marriage vows through the interfaith blessing ceremony for peace. They have responded to this invitation, including traditional leaders, ambassadors for peace, religious leaders, young and old: political operators and couples already blessed since the launch of this Campaign.

Shortly before the end, strong winds blew accompanied with rain that made many of the participants leave the stadium. Several local media including the national channel broadcast the event. With the commitment of the religious leaders who took part in this event; we consider this a test for the organization of a Grand Rally in the size of the country to welcome our True Mother in our nation. Especially because the current political environment is leading to the election of a new President of the Republic soon. And we hope to have the foundation for it to happen.

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