Bulgaria: Workshop with Naturopaths

By Edina Zsolcsak-Dimitrova, FFWPU Bugaria

On January 27, 2019), we organized a whole day workshop with the title “The Universal Principles and Harmony in Us and in the Universe” in the Peace Embassy in Sofia. We invited three contacts who work in different fields of natural and alternative medicine. They were happy to promote their work and bring their followers and patients and we took the chance to introduce them the Embassy of Peace and the first chapter of the Divine Principle, which contains many connecting points with their philosophies and practices.

There were more than 20 guests who participated in the program during the day. At the end everybody was satisfied. We drank Holy Wine with the participants, gave them True Father’s autobiography and invited them to our next programs, including our Family Festival on 3 February.

We had some common base with all the lecturers before but now we reaffirmed our cooperation for the future. They are very happy that they can work in the Peace Embassy because they can feel the presence of the good spirit world.

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