Brazil: Fourth National Assembly of CARP

Prepared by CARP Brazil

From January 19 to 23, 2019, the Fourth National Assembly of CARP was held under the motto “Let us become the youth who save the Fatherland and the world for the Will of God!” .We counted on the participation of 84 university students.

During the workshop the participants listened to the CAUSA (Victory Theory on Communism) lectures given by the university students themselves, it was a great help to the young people as they gained even more conviction in the Divine Principle and in the teachings of the True Parents to face ideologically the communism within universities.

The participants also received the lectures on the vision we should have regarding the Heavenly Tribal Messiah and the path of the young people and their formula course.

Also it was carried out in partnership with the YSP, the Peace Designer program’s Table; a space for the creation of new social projects. At the end of the workshop the best projects were awarded.

After hearing the reports of the activities performed in each state in the year of 2018, for the next six months, new goals were set. Thus, with the encouragement words of the leaders, the participants pledged themselves to dedicate even more to the providence of True Parents in order to achieve this year’s long-awaited victory of the 2020 Vision!

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