Argentina: Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Workshop

2019 Heavenly Latin America Tour – Sub-region 2

By Miguel Werner, FFWPU Argentina


A former Christian monastery surrounded by nature was the place where the Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Seminar took place on January 26-27 in Vicente Casares (County of Cañuelas, Province of Buenos Aires). A team of brothers and sisters decorated the place with dedication and love, despite the short time available. This way, we showed gratitude to Heavenly Parents and True Parents for hosting this grace as part of the 2019 Heavenly Latin America Tour (Sub-region 2), with more than 304 participants from Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, and Bolivia, among others.

The event took place during the last days of the international 21-day seminar, with more than 100 young people who helped create the environment, as well as the spiritual conditions from all participants. We specially thank our True Mother, who requested that the Cheongpyeong Providence reach the most distant places, appointing Rev. Seong Nam Kim as Director of this mission in Heavenly Latin America and Mr. David Pereyra as the lecturer. Both of them, with Rev. Sung Jong Seo, Director of Sub-region 2, came to Argentina a week before to hold a seminar on Cheongpyeong and all organizational details. A few days after joined Rev. San Suek Kim, Director of Heavenly Latin America, who was given a report on the preparations by National Leader of Argentina Carlos Varga.

Chanyang Yeoksa sessions were moments to express deep gratitude to Heaven along with a team of young people who were an example of dedication. Families and the youth had profound experiences during these sessions, as well as in the Ancestor Liberation and Blessing, Spirit World and Physical World Matching and Blessing, and Hyojeong Offering Ceremonies (see programs, testimonies, and reflections).

The event ended with a chorus, a solo singer, and a dance performed by a second generation couple. At the end, we sang together “Saranghae,” guided by Rev. Sang Suek Kim, Rev. Seong Nam Kim, and Rev. Sung Jong Seo, along with leadership representatives of each country. We also had a delicious cake to celebrate this spiritual experience which opens the doors for our absolutely good ancestors, patriots and saints to cooperate with the mission of each Blessed Family and national restoration in times of the substantial establishment of Cheon Il Guk.


Ezequiel Montero – Chanyang Team from Argentina: “I did not have experience in this activity, and my lack of knowledge about the significance of Chanyang did not allow me to appreciate its value. However, our central figure told us, ‘You are the heavenly soldiers who should create the spirit for the victory of the establishment of the Cheongpyeong spirit.’ Since then, I invested my most sincere devotion and had an unforgettable experience. For a second, while we were practicing, I saw above us a white dove which illuminated the whole room for a moment with its peaceful flutter. Without thinking too much about it, I came with a conclusion: the heart and eyes of the Holy Spirit were present in this Cheongpyeong branch from Korea. True Mother, in the distance, was observing every detail along with True Father.”

Andrés Melgarejo – Blessed Family from Argentina: “Cheongpyeong providence is a miraculous expression of the love which goes beyond all knowledge and which challenges our comprehension of its significance and value. We do not only feel the revolution around us and with our ancestors, but we can also see our brothers and sisters deeply moved by the amazing renewal of energies. In our joint prayers, we could feel once again that deep regret when True Parents would surprise us with some of the many gifts and blessings for the nation and for each one of us. The first time we experienced Cheongpyeong was in 2001 in Sao Pablo (Brazil). Now I can see how True Parents’ victories have allowed this marvelous process of resurrection and rebirth to occur. I have also felt the grief for being immature to not understand such grace. Now, after the blessing and the “offering ceremony,” love is naturally flowing in all directions. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We can certainly feel this power that comes from our connection with the divine fatherly heart.”

María Concepción de Sabini – Blessed Family from Argentina: “In the first Chanyang session, I felt a strange odor coming from my chest, in the second session as well. The more I hit, the more of the odor escaped. I also felt the presence of the ancestors. They looked like children, happy for True Parents’ grace. When I went outside to pray after the ancestors’ liberation, mi body, especially my lips, were swollen. I felt I had many spiritual bodies attached to me. I prayed and contemplated nature. I suddenly felt a gentle, cool breeze. Then, the swelling in my lips disappeared, as well as the spirits who were in my body. During the seminar, I felt gratitude and clarity about my purpose in the Providence, in True Parents’ community. I felt that my ancestors and I can be victorious to achieve the horizontal and vertical goal. I felt important. I am an absolute representative to my ancestors. I am committed to work and achieve my goal as a Tribal Messiah. Thank you for the Cheongpyeong grace, which will be a rebirth for my spiritual life.”

Olga Juárez – Blessed Family from Argentina: “The first day, when we had to wake up and invite our spirits to share the seminar, I felt a deep shiver in my head that went down my feet. I was overcome by a powerful emotion that made me cry. I clearly saw the presence of the Spirit World, and I felt unworthy of being privileged to be un such an incredible position for them. I was grateful to God and True Parents for all the blessings received in a position of mediator for my ancestors. I think there is nothing more important and sacred, but it is also a great responsibility. The second day, I felt the presence of my father and my brother, and I felt they were as excited as me. I felt so many things that I cannot express with words. Thank you, Heavenly Parents. Thank you, dear True Parents.”

Won Hwa Raquel Molinas Possamai (23 years) – Second generation from Paraguay: “I want to thank Heavenly Parents and True Parents for the opportunity to participate in this seminar. Being here is a gift from God and Heaven. I could not afford to travel here, and I could not attend other seminars; but at the last minute, without expecting it, we received heavenly fortune. Thank you, Heavenly Parents. This seminar was wonderful. Now I feel lighter, like I have less weight. During the last Chanyang session, at the ancestor’s liberation, exactly during the prayer, we were holding the hand that represents our ancestors. Even though I was not holding it very tight, it was firmly holding the other hand. I clearly felt they were by my side. I feel the blessings and true miracles will occur when I come back home with my family.”

Soraya Araujo dos Santos – Blessed Family from Argentina: “I could feel the Spiritual World very close and how my ancestors were grateful to True Parents. During the sessions, I tried to sing as loud as I could, and I wanted to cough. And when I did, I felt something ripping out from my ovaries and coming through my throat, it was very painful. I felt this three times and, after that, I coughed once more and felt no more pain.”

Marta Miyong Dantas – Second generation Blessed couple from Argentina: “I was spiritually connected during all Chanyang sessions. I was grateful for having another opportunity to liberate my ancestors. I was connected with God and I felt His heart of joy. I had a beautiful experience during the Blessing Ceremony, when they invited our ancestors to enter and receive the Blessing. I felt such a big, positive grace and thought how much joy my grandparents must have felt for being blessed. With this, I understood that our ancestors really need us.”

José Sergio Castellón – Blessed Family from Argentina: “I had many experiences. One of them was when Rev. Kim, Cheongpyeong branch representative in Latin America, started to hit my head during Chanyang sessions, and he did it for a long time. Suddenly, he started to hit my back very strongly while I kept singing and clapping my hands. I felt a black thing, smoke-like, that came out of my mouth; I was overwhelmed and started to cry. Rev. Kim moved away and I kept clapping my hands with my eyes closed, and I felt that a little kid said, ‘Grandpa, now you have to hit your face.’”

Joel Hernández Aurazo – 2016 Blessing from Peru: “I thank Heavenly Parents and True Parents for the opportunity of having the Cheongpyeong Training Center in Argentina and for being able to participate in the seminar. I also felt grace and regret during the Chanyang session. I suddenly heard my grandmother Flore Vera, mother of my father, who told me, ‘Thank you Joel Hernández.’ That gave me so much joy. This seminar helped me understand the importance of the Spiritual World. I will also commit to bless all my generations. I thank Heaven for everything and I will be always determined to achieve victory in my work.”

Rubén Montero – Blessed Family from Argentina: “During the Blessing Ceremony, I was overcome by a strong feeling of sorrow after thinking that Jesus could not marry. I thought, with the heart of a father: Is there something more beautiful than seeing your son or daughter getting married? If Jesus wanted to marry, have a wife and a family, wouldn’t saints and people of God who are in the Spiritual World want to experience the same? At the end, when we said goodbye to our ancestors, I felt great joy, and that many people were happy. It was the same feeling I had when I received the Blessing. It was not only my joy, it was the joy of my ancestors and the whole Spiritual World.”

Horacio Castellón – Blessed Family from Argentina: “During Chanyang sessions, while I was singing, I heard voices that came from the Spiritual World. The voices were strong and harmonious. I felt my ancestors were there. And last night, when I went to sleep, I was exhausted, and when I closed my eyes and was about to sleep, I started to sing the Grace of the Holy Garden. I suddenly woke up. I slept again and the same happened. It happened three or four times.”

Mariela Varga Dourado – Second Generation from Argentina: “Thank you Heavenly Parents for giving us this seminar in Argentina. I feel I could break a wall that kept God from working directly in this nation and in Latin America. During the Chanyang session, I felt that not only we could better represent the spirit, but also that each participant could be part of the environment. Something wonderful happened to me after the session. While praying in the middle of nature and talking to God, I could feel His heart. I opened my eyes and saw my physical father approaching my younger brother and walked together. This made me feel that God is reaching out to His sons and daughters, and they can answer. I experienced a part of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth during this seminar where we all have this loving relationship with God and everyone around us. Thank you God for showing me Your heart and for sharing with us the grace and blessings of Heaven.”

Ruby from Uruguay: “I want to thank God and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind for being able to join such important event for Latin America. This time, I liberated my ancestors from my mother’s side. She passed away 10 years ago, on August 13. I went to Uruguay on December 3, 2001 and, until now, I did not know how her final days were or where her grave is. I have the same surname as her, since she was a single mother. She also had the surname of my grandma, who was also a single mother. But my mom told me that her father was a doctor with his last name being Montoya. I talked a lot with the sister who slept beside me during the seminar. When we said goodbye, we took a photo and decided to stay in touch. This is when I asked her surname: ‘Montoya,’ she said. I suddenly started to cry.”

Estanislao Núñez de Acosta – 1995 Blessing: “I sincerely hope Cheongpyeong stays in Latin America, since it is very useful for our spiritual and physical cleansing. I think Latin America is going to face changes, that we can work for God’s Providence and restore our country and our people more rapidly. I felt True Parents and God’s presence. I saw something while we were singing. I saw many bright stars and I saw the face of True Parents, who were really happy. I had a feeling that is difficult to describe, I just poured tears and water through my nose. Aju, aju, aju. Thank you Heavenly Parents and True Parents.”


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