Zambia: Tongil Moodo Graduation


by Fabrice Djimadoum

The Tongil Moodo Zambia held its first historical graduation as well as the celebration of its first anniversary.  The event took place on December 23rd 2018 at Barlastone Training Center in Lusaka.

Around 100 people attended the event in presence of Master Moriba Kone – Africa Regional Secretary General as well as Senior Instructor and Advisor of Tongil Moodo, Master Susan Kone – WFWP IVP Africa who is also Senior Instructor and Tongil Moodo Advisor and first African woman with black belt in Tongil Moodo, Rev. Rudolf Faerber, UPF Zambia Secretary General and other senior leaders from different providential organizations.

The event started with Zambian national anthem followed by some performances and introductory video of Tongil Moodo. There were a total Eight (8) participants competing to upgrade for different belts Yellow, Green and Blue.

The international instructor, Master Bohoussou Kouame Dieudonne, gavethe was the MC of the event. In his introductory remarks, he said, the event was held after 10 months of hard work, training and dedication of participants, finally the first ever graduation in Tongi Moodo was held in Zambia.

Later, he introduced Master Kone Moriba and Master Susan who were the judges for the promotion test. In his remarks, he gave to the audience the background of the couple judges who dedicated their effort to raise young talents in Tongil Moodo in Africa.

In the open speech, Master Susan Kone, as the first woman to be graduated in black belt in Africa for Tongil Moodo advised to the newly graduated to utilize the technics taught for the heavenly purpose. She also advised the participants to share with other youths as a tool of witnessing. She finally disclosed one of the future projects of Tongil Moodo which is to organize training for the younger, workshops in Zambia.

After going different test, all have successfully graduated from White belt to yellow belt. After the second round, 3 participants were able to make it by obtaining the Green belt and were encouraged to work extra hard. The 3 others after went through tough test, they qualified for Green Belt. And finally, Brother Michael Zulu who were able to make it and got the Blue Belt after undergone a successful test.

At the end of different test, participants received their certificates from various invited guests, Rev. Rudolf Faerber, UPF Zambia Secretary General, representatives from WFWP and other providential affiliated organizations.

The event ended peacefully with a celebration of the first anniversary of Tongil Moodo in Zambia, the cutting of the cake, refreshment and entertainments.

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