USA: YAYAM Annual Highlights


Prepared by FFWPU USA

Youth and young adults across the nation are staying active and building efforts to make an impact in their community and with each other. Check out the YAYAM website to see all the upcoming events happening around the nation for youth and young adults.

NORTHEAST SUBREGION: At the end of November, the Belvedere Family Church youth hosted a group of Muslim students from Indonesia who were studying in New York City for a visit to their Up & Coming youth ministry program. This is their third time visiting Up & Coming and the youth always have a great time getting to know people from other faith backgrounds.

SOUTHEAST SUBREGION: The Northern Virginia youth group just completed its annual leaf raking fundraiser. This year they raised almost $1000 for their cause of choice which was Women’s Federation for World Peace’s (WFWP) School of Africa program. These donations help to support schools all over Africa including Mozambique, Guinea and Rwanda. Their entire community came together to support this event and received donations from local restaurants to reward their hard work.

MIDWEST SUBREGION: The Indiana Family Church community hosted their fourth Annual Interstate Pre-Thanksgiving Lunch Event. With the help of Family Federation for a Heavenly USA YAYAM leaders from Ohio, Illinois and Michigan, this year’s gathering was the best year ever. Youth, young adults, and guests from Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and even a small handful from Las Vegas came to eat great food, participate in fun activities and have an overall great time with each other in fellowship and gathering. They hope to continue on this great tradition.

SOUTHWEST SUBREGION: Twenty young adult Unificationists attended a Career Development brunch followed by a Q&A session. There was plenty discussion over various aspects leading up to a potential career and the importance of applying oneself and keeping a strong mindset of continuous growth.

WESTERN SUBREGION: The Los Angeles Family Church’s Junction Program for youth focused on how to apply the Three Great Blessings into their lives through gratitude. Twenty-six middle and high school students attended. The program consisted of a talk and activity. During the activity, each participant received a prompt from a Reddit thread called “Something I Never Let Go.” In small groups they worked together to brainstorm ways they could be grateful in their assigned situational challenge.

NATIONAL: During the months of September to December, youth ministries around the nation focused on the 2nd Blessing as part of their national educational framework. In November, they worked on the sub theme “Engage and Grow with My Faith Community.” Several youth pastors also participated in a weekly accountability webinar series entitled “Growing You, Growing Your Ministry” in which they challenged themselves to work on a personal and ministerial goal for the month.

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