USA: World Level Seonghwa Observance for Dr. Bo Hi Pak


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On Monday, January 14, the Family Federation for a Heavenly USA held a Seonghwa Observance Ceremony for Dr. Bo Hi Pak at The Washington Times in Washington, D.C., matching the hour of the World Level Seonghwa Observance held in Korea. Leaders and Tribal Messiahs gathered in Las Vegas for Tribenet 2019, and congregants of the Clifton Family Church, Belvedere Family Church and Dallas Family Church also held a Seonghwa Observance during the same hour.

Washington, D.C. Observance (by Rev. Earnest Patton)

In spite of freezing temperatures and seven inches of snow over the previous two days, over 140 people came out to honor the exemplary life of one of the most steadfast defenders of True Parents, Dr. Bo Hi Pak. Mrs. Keiko Patton and her capable team of cooks provided a substantial repast in advance of the 6:00 p.m. event held in The Washington Times’ Arbor Ballroom, which was designed with significant input from Dr. Pak.

Washington, D.C. Family Church Pastor Dr. Achille Acolatse’s Invocation set the tone for a powerful celebration of the love, life and offering of Dr. Pak. Dr. Michael Jenkins, Chairman of Universal Peace Federation (UPF) USA, gave a Seonghwa Address in which he praised the absolute filial heart of Dr. Pak and encouraged everyone to apply that mindset in 2019 as we prepare for the dramatic changes coming on the foundation of True Parents’ desperate desire to save everyone in this world.

Notably, William Lay, Esq. and Dr. Thomas Ward traveled on short notice from New York and Connecticut, to share their inspirational experiences from many years of working directly with the outspokenly faithful Dr. Pak. Mr. Dan Fefferman expressed his thanks to Dr. Pak for the long-time example of fighting to protect True Parents, and for his moment of fame in being named one of True Father’s “lieutenants” by the New York Times. William Lay read sample legal testimonies in which Dr. Pak proudly and comprehensively proclaimed True Parents. Equally inspiring testimonies were given by local Unificationists Mr. Larry Moffitt, Mr. Robert Abendroth, Mr. William Gertz, Mrs. Judith Lejeune and Mrs. Cheryl Wetzstein. As a conclusion to the testimonies, the American Freedom Coalition (AFC) brothers and sisters offered a rousing rendition of Generation of Righteousness. This was energizing preparation for the powerful benediction offered by New Hope Family Church Pastor Jim Boothby and the heartfelt cheers of Eog Mansei lead by the Family Federation for a Heavenly USA District 1 Korean Evangelical Association (KEA) Pastor Rev. Young Chul Jang.

Las Vegas Observance (by Rev. Demian Dunkley)

“What an incredible honor to be gathered with over 120 Blessed Family representatives from around America at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) in Las Vegas for TribeNet 2019. We were able to pause the program to observe the World Level Seonghwa Ceremony of Dr. Bo Hi Pak or, as many in the room refer to him, Colonel Pak. We heard a wonderful Seonghwa main address from Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Vice President of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) International and Chairman of the North American Region, and we were able to hear from people who had different testimonies and different kinds of personal experiences with Dr. Pak. Some of the stories bring you back, some of the stories bring a tear to your eye, and many of the stories make you laugh. We remember a man so full of zest and power for God and True Parents, willing to put his life on the line at any given moment to protect True Father.

“When we consider the horizon line of 2020 in sight, we all know we have to pull everything we’ve got out of ourselves to accomplish the mission before us so when we think of a man like Colonel Pak, a man who was dedicated to absolute victory and would take nothing less, we think of him as the standard of a loyal son and a fantastic, inspiring and loving elder brother. Strong in his masculine nature, but also very sensitive in his care, humility and sensitivity to others.

“All the people in the room are here because they’re either active or really want to be active in their Tribal Messiahship, and it’s a no-brainer that the stories around Dr. Pak’s life serve as an inspiration to them because in so many ways he was pioneering uncharted territories in all the various missions he did for True Father. When we see the great work that he did, I think it reminds everybody that we can do it. True Mother really wants to use this opportunity for heaven to receive his life as a condition for Victory 2020 here on earth.”

Belvedere Family Church Observance (by Rev. Edner Pierre-Louis)

An intimate gathering of our elder American brothers and sisters from the Belvedere Family Church community gathered at 6:00 p.m. at the Belvedere Training Center, the exact place where Dr. Pak translated for True Father every Sunday morning in the 70s and 80s.

Local pastor Dr. Drissa Kone gave the opening remarks and Mr. Masahisa Kobayashi delivered a moving Seonghwa message. Rev. Juanita Pierre-Louis offered the benediction and Mr. Steve Honey emceed. Mr. Tom Corley gave the opening prayer. The observance was short and sweet and nostalgic with testimonies given by those gathered expressing how special Dr. Pak had made each of them feel in those early days of the church in America. Francisco Randon, a local Unificationist, gave a testimony about his time as Dr. Pak’s driver, and Charles Patterson, local Unificationist, shared his relationship with Dr. Pak at East Garden Estates as security. Kum Hee Fontaine, who is a spiritual daughter of Dr. Pak, shared about her relationship with her spiritual father and her visit with him just three weeks prior to his ascension. She knew Dr. Pak for over 40 years and shared for over an hour.

Clifton Family Church Observance (by Pastor Minoj Jacob)

The Clifton Family Church community held a distinguished memorial service for Dr. Bo Hi Pak at the same time as his Seonghwa ceremony in Korea. As soon as members heard about Dr. Pak’s ascension, many of them contacted us about the Seonghwa details and shared about what an amazing son Dr. Pak was. Around 70 Unificationists gathered at the Clifton Family Church. Mrs. Noriko Sprague greeted everyone and, after a couple of songs, Pastor Manoj Jacob read Dr. Pak’s biography. Mr. Toshi Tagawa prepared a short version of Dr. Pak’s famous “Truth is My Sword” video, which was very moving. Mr. Ken Owens prepared a photo montage with hundreds of pictures from Dr. Pak’s life. Those pictures brought back a lot of memories and brothers and sisters felt grateful for Dr. Pak.

There were many moving testimonies, one from Mr. Kazushi Miyoshi, who worked with Dr. Bo Hi Pak, Mr. Ken Owens, who traveled and also worked with Dr. Pak, Mrs. Marivic Ibok, who lived with Dr. Pak and his family for many years in the USA, Korea and Hong Kong, Mr. Joseph Tegha, who also worked with Dr. Pak, and our youth pastor Mr. Yasutaka Ozwa who was inspired by Dr. Pak. Everyone testifies Dr. Bo Hi Pak as a righteous son of God and True Parents, a true parental figure and mentor to them.

Pastor Manoj Jacob gave a brief memorial message sharing his experiences with Dr. Pak and encouraged everyone to stand up for Truth as Dr. Pak did. Dr. Bo Hi Pak left an unparalleled legacy for God True Parents. He gave his life to make True Parents stand up together with many world leaders.

Dr. Kim, read a heartfelt letter he composed for the occasion:

“When I heard of Dr. Bo Hi Pak’s ascension, l thought of his life spent testifying to True Parents I remember him as a courageous, heavenly general who attended True Parents as they paved the way for the providence of restoration in America. I give thanks to Dr. Pak for his investment and relentless work ethic over a great period of time. All the American members firmly believe that Dr. Pak will continue working with True Father in the spiritual world to ensure the victorious completion of the providence, which True Mother is now guiding as she ceaselessly invests and offers devotions for the providence of Cheon ll Guk.

We all know something about the path forged by Dr. Pak for the providence in the United States. To mention all his accomplishments is not easy. He did so much, and–as a parent, father, and teacher–he loved all the American members who walked shoulder to shoulder with him on his course. Together with the members, he testified about the core teachings of True Parents and developed the providence in America. As one of the very first missionaries to the United States, as one who both witnessed and took positions such as chairman of The Washington Times, he invested his heart and soul on the front line of the U.S. providence alongside True Parents every single day.

Dr. Pak, thank you so much for all you have done!

May you always be with True Parents, and just as you stood with us, becoming the center of many heart-moving testimonies, please guide us and continue to take the lead in True Parents’ providence, even from the spiritual world.

We would like to take this time, through this Seonghwa ceremony being conducted in Washington, D.C., New York and Las Vegas at the same time as Korea, to reflect and reminisce on your work, and to offer our prayers and blessings as you ascend to the heavenly realm. All our churches across the United States will join us in prayer this coming Sunday.

Dr. Pak, you invested your extraordinary efforts without reserve.

All members will remember you and will join the Victorious course of True Parents that you walked.

I sincerely pray that you will now be reunited eternally with your dearly departed wife amid the blessings and grace of Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

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