USA: Utah CARP & HARP Winter Retreat 2018


by Alicia Kuhlmann, CARP USA

On December 28th and 29th, the CARP and HARP chapters in Salt Lake City, Utah, hosted a two-day retreat focusing on the theme, Living a Principled Life.

The retreat included college, high school, and middle school aged participants with activities like ice skating, team sports, and a song session encompassing the spirit of CARP’s founders, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, also known as Father and Mother Moon, respectively.

On Friday, December 28th, participants began the workshop with outdoor winter activities like ice skating and snow ball fighting, before continuing on with a song and prayer session.

The second day of retreat began with a holy scripture reading about the life and legacy of Mother Moon followed by a prayer session.

Participants then received a lecture given by Eun-young Hwang, the local HARP president, on the founding and purpose of CARP.

Participants then competed in a classic game of capture the flag organized by the HARP Vice President, You-won Hwang.

Kana Ishii (left front) and Yeon-su Hwang (right front) return from their gap year program for winter break to join the retreat.

CARP & HARP members then heard a lecture on Education & Living a Life of Purpose given by Alicia Kuhlmann. Participants then continued on with a testimonial session on What it Means to Live a Principled Life given by returning Generation Peace Academy (GPA) missionaries, Kana Ishii and Yeon-su Hwang.

At the end of the retreat, participants focused on one of the core values of CARP, service and living for the sake of others. They made cards of gratitude for men and women in uniform that will be sent to active duty military members.

The retreat concluded with the participants receiving journals and a prayer by one of the local youth leaders, Tetsuo Ishii.

Thank you for a great 2018!

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