USA: Local YSP Launches at December Peace Designer Seminars


Prepared by YSP USA

In December 2018, Youth and Students for Peace (YSP) held three Peace Designer Seminars on the West Coast, East Coast and in Montreal, Canada.

Los Angeles, CA was the first location for the seminar. On December 15, a total of 35 participants designed 8 Peace Projects during the seminar. YSP was invited by the local Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) chapters to present on what YSP is, their unique perspective on sustainable peace, and the practical process of designing a project to address issues in society. The following day during Sunday Service, a few of the top projects were presented to the Los Angeles Family Church congregation as part of the YSP Launch for their community. In order to follow up and support the Peace Projects, Adelina Lazar was appointed the YSP Coordinator for Los Angeles.

On Saturday, December 22, the Korean Evangelical Association (KEA) SungHwa group in North Haledon, NJ hosted the next YSP seminar. A total of 10 people participated, including Rev. Bruce Grodner who is part of YSP’s Board of Directors. This seminar followed the same pattern as Los Angeles, and on Sunday, the YSP Launch appointed Jeong Eun Choi as the YSP Coordinator for the KEA Community.

At the end of December, the YSP team went to Montreal, Canada during the Canada Winter Workshop. The Peace Designer presentation was given on December 28 with a total of 39 youth and staff participating. On Sunday, the Canada YSP Launch was held, and three young adults were selected as local YSP Coordinators. John Koester and Joshua Fontaine were appointed for the Toronto community, Charles Cusson for the Montreal community, and Chantale Viau was asked to become the parental advisor for the local Montreal YSP group.

A certificate of completion was given to all of those who completed the course.

YSP plans to hold seminars for many Family Federation Communities throughout the subregions and expand to other groups and organizations. To ask a question or schedule a seminar, feel free to contact Naria Gaarder at


  • “I was always very hesitant and scared of creating and implementing projects that address a certain problem in a community. However, with clear steps and a support system, it doesn’t seem so big or impossible.” –LA Young Adult
  • “The YSP booklet had good exercises. I like that YSP focuses on connecting our values with finding solutions to real-life issues that could impact our communities and society positively. I left the seminar feeling inspired and motivated.” –KEA Young Adult
  • “I enjoyed the hands-on experience and doing a step-by-step process to really understand how to become a peace designer.” –Canada Youth

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