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On Sunday, January 13, after the Tribal Messiah Academy Leadership assembly, the TribeNet main event began at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) with over 120 TribeNet members. TribeNet created a community of Blessed Families around the country who are dedicated to Tribal Messiahship in their local areas. Having them come together created an explosive atmosphere of inspiration through listening to each other’s testimonies and supporting one another.

The event started with remarks on the importance of Tribal Messiahship and the absolute determination for victory in the USA by 2020. Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Regional Chairman for Family Federation North America and Rev. Demian Dunkley, President of Family Federation for a Heavenly USA shared words of inspiration and resolved to complete national restoration by 2020.

The first evening ended with a special trip to True Parents’ former home to pray deeply with tears of determination. Demian said, “As I was praying, I could see True Parents before me. I saw True Father sitting in his chair and True Mother was sitting to his left, and his left hand was resting on top of True Mother’s right hand. Their eyes were closed, and he was listening to my prayer.” Several Unificationists testified that they also saw True Parents and felt True Father’s powerful spirit.

The second day began with heartfelt testimonies from four accomplished Tribal Messiahs, including two Victors: Dr. Theodore Shimmyo and Mrs. Tomiko Duggan. They inspired the crowd with their testimonies, insights and practical advice. In the afternoon, Rev. Jin Hun Yong gave lectures on the meaning and application of Tribal Messiahship, and Prof. Young Hwan Gil gave lectures on how to manage one’s tribe.

The third and final day focused on the foundation of Christianity in America and how Tribal Messiahs can and must work with this foundation. There were three keynote addresses on this subject. First, Demian shared about the breakthroughs with Christianity leading up to the Peace Starts With Me rally in November 2018. Next, Rev. Mark Abernathy, a Christian Pastor from Atlanta and a member of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC), moved the audience to tears with his message about the power of the Blessing for the Christian community. Nancy Jubb, Director of Communications, then gave an important message about the power of media and how the Movement is managing their media and social media presence. Afterwards, Dr. Kim spoke to the participants about the importance of Tribal Messiahship for National Victory.

In the evening, all the TribeNet members joined in the weekly TribeNet Call. This was the largest TribeNet Call ever with over 400 viewers. Two second generation Unificationists at the event gave moving testimonies about the impact of Tribal Messiahship in their lives. One sister had just witnessed to someone at a cafe the day before, and the other had a revelatory experience to share. Both testimonies inspired everyone on the call and at the workshop.

The morning sessions on the fourth day were dedicated to three main ministries: The Blessing and Family Ministry, Education Ministry, and TribeNet. These three ministries showcased many of the resources provided specifically to help Tribal Messiahs accomplish their mission.

In the afternoon, everyone took a time to visit the “Valley of Fire” State Park. They enjoyed hiking and taking photos together in the beauty of nature. When they arrived back at IPEC, the ballroom had been transformed into a beautiful banquet hall. The guests put on their Sunday’s best and enjoyed a delicious dinner. During the banquet, Tribal Messiah Accomplishers and Victors were honored for their achievements. The banquet was a beautiful expression of Hyojeong culture.

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