True Peace Magazine December 2018 Issue


Prepared by True Peace Magazine Team


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Main Contents

  1. ARTICLE ONE: Marching Towards Cheon Il Guk
  2. TRUE PARENTS’ MESSAGES: God’s Hope for Humanity (Part Two), Toward the Eternal World of Freedom, Equality and Peace, Live Heavenly Lives, Gathering to Report on the World Tour Victories and Resolve to Establish Firmly a Heavenly World
  3. PICTORIAL SECTION: Photo Memories
  4. ASIA PACIFIC SUMMIT: Stepping Stones toward Lasting Peace, The Value of Embodying One’s Faith
  5. ALIGNMENT: Solving Unsolvable Problems
  6. REGIONAL NEWS: Uruguay
  7. INTERFAITH HARMONY: An Interreligious New Year Celebration
  8. INFRASTRUCTURE: A New Family Church in the US State of Minnesota
  9. INSTITUTIONS: Global Preparation of IAPD, a Chronology

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