True Mother’s New Year 2019 Speech

National Prayer to Open the Era for a Unified, Heavenly Korea, True Mother’s New Year Speech

January 1, 2019 – Cheongshim Peace World Center

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Beloved blessed families and members here and watching through the live broadcast around the world: I love you! I proclaim that we are proud blessed families standing at the forefront who will absolutely fulfill our Heavenly Parent’s dream and what humanity has longed for.

Heaven’s providence is astonishing. There are twelves signs in the Chinese zodiac. This year [of the pig] is the last year of the cyclical rotation of the zodiac signs. In 2020, a new cycle will begin. Although you have gone through difficult circumstances, among our blessed families in Korea, several of you have ancestors whom you can be proud of, since they pioneered our nation. Unfortunately, they did not fully understand Heaven’s providence.

All of humanity yearns for a peaceful world, but not even once throughout the six thousand years of biblical history was there an era without war or conflicts. That is because our beginning was steered incorrectly. We know what caused the Fall. Since we know the cause, we must educate those who are unaware of it. The original owner of the universe is the Creator, God. There are more than 200 nations in today’s world. Large and small nations want to possess the universe’s resources for themselves. However, nothing belongs to them. The Creator, God is the owner. Unless God recognizes a nation, that nation cannot claim anything for itself. Only people, who are in the position of God’s children, can possess what God bequeaths to them.

We need to help people understand God. Our Creator God made all things in heaven and on earth and then created a man and a woman capable of becoming humankind’s good ancestors. He gave them special privileges. During their growth period, they were to grow in absolute unity with God; after receiving God’s blessing, they would have been in the position of humankind’s true ancestors, the True Parents, in whom God would have dwelt substantially. God bequeathed this blessing to them, but they lost the qualifications to become humanity’s true, good ancestors. Therefore, God had no choice but to carry out restoration through indemnity and the history of the providence of salvation.

How difficult must it have been for God to send His only begotten son, whom He could call “My son,” after a period of four thousand years when nobody understood Jesus—not Mary, who had conceived Jesus, nor the central figures at that time, nor even the people of Israel. The belief of today’s two-thousand-year-old Christianity is that Christians will receive salvation through the blood of the cross. After Jesus was crucified, he said he would return, and when he returned, he would host the marriage supper of the Lamb. If there had been someone wise, that person would have searched for where, when, and how the only begotten daughter, who was to become Jesus’ partner, would be born.

God is an omnipotent and omniscient being. His beginning and end are the same. So, God must absolutely be victorious. However, giving humans special privileges became problematic, so God waited for six thousand years for the True Parents to arise from fallen humanity to bring victory back to God. In the midst of waiting, God blessed this peninsula, the Republic of Korea. In that case, shouldn’t the citizens of the Republic of Korea receive True Parents’ blessing? You have to fulfill your responsibilities. With blessings come responsibilities. If you are not able to fulfill those responsibilities, the indemnity owed will increase.

One year is the time we have left. Do you understand? In the year of the Pig, we will achieve national restoration without fail! Please push for the citizens of the Republic of Korea to qualify as citizens of Cheon Il Guk.

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