Taiwan: Hyojeong Cheongpeyong Special Event


Prepared by FFWPU Taiwan

We gratitude from the bottom of the heart that true Mother assigned leaders and established 4 Cheongpyeong branches including Asia Pacific Branch. There are 1600 participants, including some VIPs, Ambassadors for Peace and Members’ tribes to attend the Cheongpyeong Special event on January 25-26, 2019 in Taiwan.

This is the first time to invite the religious leaders to join the Cheongpyeong event in Taiwan. Religious leaders who attended this Cheongpyeong event are positive through chanyang.

Through Rev. Kim’s lecture with Chinese power point shown, members feel good and understand more deeply on Cheongpyeong providence. Second Generation have a good heartistic relationship with their own parents through the ancestor liberation and blessing.

Dr. Yong lecture strengthen about in order to enter the heavenly kingdom, we must get approval from our own enemy through love your enemy. Members understand more on how spiritual world work together with people on earth.

It is good to see all church leaders stand in the middle line to guide members to do chanyang section, leaders can experience that Heavenly Parent looks at the suffering human beings and want to embrace and liberate their suffering. Members also feel touch and inspired from the heart and spirit of church leaders.

Lastly, thank a lots to the Cheongpyeong staff that assigned by True Mother working so hard to make good atmosphere for the members. We do appreciate a lot. Thank you.

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