Spain: Bye Bye 2018


By Francesca Stabile, FFWPU Spain

On December 29th we had a Spanish national gathering in our church center “Espacio Ronda” (Madrid). We had our first national gathering last year and we thought about doing it once every 2 years but due to many members requests we organized one this year as well. It was a one day event were all members from our nation were invited to spend time together reflecting about this past year and the new one coming. We were more then 120 members including kids.

The day started at 10:00 with welcoming words and 5 members giving a short testimony about their year and about some personal inspiring moments (2 first generations, one second generation and a second gen couple); then we hade a break and 2 sharing sessions in groups: the first part was more about personal themes while the second one was about the community.

The program went on with lunch and free time until family evening started. We had around 12 performances and at the end everybody voted his favorite one. The three most voted performances received a gift.

And we also had a raffle were the winner could bring home a box with many food products. To end the day, around 6:30 pm, we had few closing words from our national leader, 3 Mansei and a prayer.

We want to thank all members that helped with many aspects of the event because it has been a really nice day.

Thank you! May you all have a wonderful and special new year!

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