Russia: Workshop “My True Self”


Prepared by FFWPU Russia

We held a workshop for 15-18 years old second generation in Moscow, Russia on January 7-9, 2019. All together there were 35 participants from Belarus, Yekaterinburg, Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

The main lecturer was Matthew Huish, (Second Generation and National Leader of the UK) Eastern Europe president, Mr. Jack Corley and Second-Generation education education department leader, Mrs. Elena Kalmatskaya also spoke. The topic of the workshop was “My True Self”. Mr. Huish spoke about God’s unconditional love, different aspects of purity of love, how to go through difficulties and find God in our everyday life. He devoted a large amount of time to sharing his personal experiences, giving different examples from his personal life of faith, his family life and mission experience.

Participants truly admire him as a good role model for younger second generation, the example of older highly educated brother who has a big loving family, sincerely loves God and True Parents and is devoting his life to fulfill God given mission to him.

The participants shared in their testimonies that they could see in a different light how it is important to focus more on internal things and less on external, realizing God’s unconditional love. They truly enjoyed elder second generation as a lecturer who could share his personal experience in different aspects of his life and answer many questions.

After the workshop many second generation expressed their determination to make more effort in developing their spiritual life and practicing serving others in their everyday life.

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