Oceania: Enhanced Skills for Success – Professional Development for WFWP

Prepared by WFWP Oceania

Twenty five WFWP Oceania members and leaders from the Solomon Islands, PNG, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne gathered in Sydney for four days during the inaugural WFWP Oceania leadership Retreat from January 14 to 17 2019. Our professional development focus was Chapter team building; Marketing practices, grant writing and project planning; Personal development and Chapter evaluation and reflection; plus, a day of Sydney sightseeing.

During the evening of day 1, our International President, Prof. Yeon Ah Moon shared with us personally about the spirit of ‘living for the sake of others’ brought to us by our True Parents. Yeon Ah Nim deeply conveyed True Mothers heart of caring for everyone and shared stories of working with our True Mother. Each of the retreat participants received a gift from True Mother.

Visiting Melbourne and Sydney during an Oceania tour, Yeon Ah Nim continued onto the Solomon Islands for the groundbreaking ceremony for the new building of the New Hope Academy School, which was started by WFWP Japan in 2012 and supported by WFWP Australia and the FFWPU in the Solomon Islands. Yeon Ah Nim then continued onto New Zealand to visit members.

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