Nepal Cultural Show

Prepared by UPF Nepal

Around 1,200 people including Member and Former Member of Parliament, Ambassador for Peace, National Artist, and Brothers and sisters who made great contribution for the success of Asia Pacific Summit 2018 held in Nepal last November 29 to December 3, 2018 gathered for Cultural Show to make nation proud.

UPF Nepal organized Peace Cultural program and it was held last January 24, 2019 and live coverage of News 24 TV channel throughout the nation and abroad.  This program mainly to give thanks and honor to those contributed during Asia Pacific Summit.

President, FFWPU Nepal, Mr. Santosh kumar Paudel, gave a very warm welcome that touches the heart and soul of the audience and Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal spoke about the objective and outcome of the Asia Pacific Summit and personally thanking the government agencies and any other agencies who gave the full support to the program. And express and convey the hopeful and grateful heart of True Mother to the Nepalese brothers and sisters.

Asia Pacific Summit 2018 Nepal heightened the national pride in the international arena. Summit helped to the tourism industry. It developed significantly the conscience of climate change and introduced Nepali successful Peace Process to the world.The ideas and discussions of the summit could able to bring together all the Asia Pacific’s government, parliamentarian, and civil society to establish a firm relationship. Everyone won in the Asia Pacific Summit 2018.

National singer, artist and theater performer performed on the stage who rejuvenated the ambiance of the theater hall bringing the joy deep inside.

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