Latin America: 21 Days Global Top Gun Caribbean Youth Workshop


By Jake Lavina, YSP Dominican Republic

Region 5 of Heavenly Latin America conducted 21-day Top Gun Youth from December 16 2018 to January 5, 2019 with the motto Love God, Love Humanity and Serve the World. It was participated by 17 young youth leaders from 8 Nations/Islands of Caribe and held at CARP Dominican Republic.

This workshop led by the Regional Director of Region 5 Rev. Leonidas Belliard with the assistance of the newly appointed National Leader of Dominican Republic Lic. Bernardo Cruz. The purpose of this workshop was to raise potential youth from different parts of Caribe to become future leaders who can pioneer youth activities in their own countries.

The program composed of the following: 1. Witnessing and Fundraising Education 2. DP Lectures 3. True Parents Life Course 4. Blessing Education 5. CARP Activities etch. These programs divided into 3 parts. In the first week, the participants learned the Divine Principle, have experience witnessing at University by inviting people, and give DP lecture to them.

It was a great experience for participants to understand the value and the depth of witnessing as they are going to start the pioneering mission in their own country. They also experience fundraising education where they could experience God’s heart and different types of people. After that, they received the lecture about TP’s Life course and the value of Blessing. Rev. Yang gave a powerful testimony about True Parents to help the youth to understand the True Parents’ life course.

Lastly, the workshop concluded learning about CARP Activities, Programs and System that they can apply to their own country as soon as they start their pioneering mission. The last program was climbing and second generations and their friends, all together around 50 talented youth challenged their limitation to climb the mountain of Pico Duarte, which is the highest mountain in Latin America with 3084 feet.

All the programs done successfully with a very strong determination by all participants and the support of all the staff. Now many participants went back to their own nation full of hope and determination to start activities in their country by bringing in to practice all the realizations, learnings and experiences they gain from this workshop. Moreover, we do believe that this is the time to bring the youth into the next level by raising future leaders and start the providential work of youth in Caribe to bring more victory to God and True Parents.

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