Ivory Coast: 35 New Ambassadors for Peace

Prepared by UPF Ivory Coast

On January 13, 2019, we had an education program for the Ambassadors of peace at the district hotel Plateau (Abidjan). Among the participants, we had several personalities (political, military, religious and traditional) and was under the patronage of General Gaston OUASSENAN Koné.

Our goal in this sensitive period for our nation is to bring the Ivorian to cultivate Peace in the spirit and in the heart. President of the UPF Ivory Coast, AKA SAYE Lazare, said the Peace Ambassadors must get together and share in their environment the messages of Peace …”. To this end, he invited all participants and Ivorians to develop in the heart, to live together.

35 personalities were singled out as new Peace Ambassadors for all the work done for peace, in their families and in their respective environments.

Moreover, in the framework of the contest for the Best Peace Council, the municipality of Abobo received the prize of the best council of Peace for the year 2018.

The godfather of the ceremony, General OUASSENAN Koné in his message stressed the importance of peace in the world. For him, the quest for peace has existed for a long time. He congratulated UPF officials and new Peace Ambassadors before inviting participants to make peace, an essential part of our lives. He wished for Côte d’Ivoire a lasting peace.

The Federation for Universal Peace, which aims to build a world of peace, based on the ideal of the family, counts in Ivory Coast more than 4700 Peace Ambassadors.

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