Italy: CARP Party

Prepared by CARP Italy

We organized a Christmas CARP Party on December 23, 2018 in Padua, which was an occasion for the young to meet again and celebrate together. The title for the event was “So this is Christmas…and what have you done”. We had about 50 participants, including 20 guests.

Davide (CARP Italia leader) spoke and highlighted the values of CARP and the true meaning of Christmas, saying we should think about what embodies the spirit of Christmas that goes beyond the appearances, that transcends barriers and unites the hearts. Relating to the words of the singer John Lennon, he deepened the importance of relationships in everyday life, family and awareness. Christmas, therefore, seen as an occasion to grow, to reinforce goals and objectives, to become more mature and more conscious. Christmas, as a symbol of rebirth, where our habits or the situations that sometimes seems with no way out, give space to small gestures of resolution.

After the speech, every person present received a gift from CARP ITALIA. A small object, but rich of value, a colorful Christmas ball, to decorate the tree and let CARP be present in the various homes. A gift especially thought in order for every participant to give to that simple Christmas ball a meaning, going beyond the material with which it is made of. A symbol representing all the aspirations, desires and goals of who has the courage to dream and think positive.

It then came the moment of the songs and games organized by CARP, which continued to warm the atmosphere with a cheerful and festive spirit. Then, we went on celebrating together in joy, with a delicious buffet. Thank you for everyone who have collaborated and participated, making this party a truly memorable moment.

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