IRFF Norway visits Albania


By Knut Holdhus, FFWPU Albania

Roswitha Johansen, assisted by Hendrik and Ester Wetzel, visited Albania on January 11 to 13, 2019 as representatives of IRFF Norway. They brought with them twelve suitcases of Christmas gifts from Norwegian schoolchildren. The gifts were given to schoolchildren in Durres, the country’s second largest city.

Roswitha Johansen is the director of IRFF Norway and grandmother to 10 grandchildren. Here is her account of the visit: “Just like many previous years, two schools in my local county tried a new variation of the Christmas gift tradition. Instead of giving gifts to each other, they felt that they would rather give something to children in other countries, where life is not as easy as in Norway. All the students wrapped clothes and toys neatly in Christmas wrapping paper, sometimes with drawings the children had made, inside the parcels. They got all the parcels delivered to me, and together with Ester and Hendrik Wetzel we flew to Tirana and were driven on to the big coastal town of Durres, where about 40 schoolchildren were the happy recipients of gifts from Norway. Due to problems with senior officials, we were not allowed to share the gifts at the school the children attend. But a kind restaurant owner offered us the use of his restaurant one afternoon.

One pupil recited a poem, and another one sang a song before we handed out the gifts and sang a nice German song.”

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