Ghana: 2019 Cheon Il Guk Blessed Family Assembly


By Marthe Whyte, FFWPU Ghana

On Saturday 19 January, we held our First Blessed Family Assembly for the year 2019 and specially Blessed families living in Accra and four leaders, representatives from two centers in Western Region, around 32 families attended this one-day gathering. The theme for this year’s Assembly was the tribal Messiah Winning Strategy for 2019.

Our National Leader gave a presentation on the topic “The mission of the blessed family in the era of Cheon Il Guk”. After his presentation, Blessed families took turns to make suggestions on methods and strategies to be use in Ghana for effective results in this year 2019.

Then participants divided into three groups with two groups in (Accra) and one other group in the Western Region of Ghana.

All blessed families decided and resolved to unite and carry on heavenly tribal messiah activities from now on to bring Victory for the providence in Ghana centered on the National Leader.

All the members pledged to support the witnessing activities to enable Ghana proclaim our National leader and 6 other leaders first victorious Tribal Messiahs before the end 2019.

Members also suggested that to contact Ghanaian FFWPU members in other areas such as the Diaspora and inform them about our decision and goals for the year 2019.

The Assembly ended with a group picture and three cheers of Mansei for successful Heavenly tribal messiah activities in 2019.

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