France: HARP Winter Workshop


Make Your Life a Living Masterpiece

By Gisele Girabana, FFWPU France

There was the Winter Workshop for the European French speakers second-generation youth in the Paris suburb training center of Chamarande from December 31, 2018 to January 5 2019.

The theme of the workshop was “Make your life a living masterpiece”. Over 13 participants from France mainly attended the workshop and 3 of them were from Switzerland.

A highlight of the workshop was the Purity Ceremony held on the last day of the workshop, the 5th of January, with the help of few parents under the guidance of Claudine Decamps.

It was a great workshop with sports, games and other activities, beautifully lead by Jin Beutl. There was plenty of deep times of hoon dok hwe, various studying, about the Principle and traditions from our True Parents, testimonies, etc. It was enriching and stimulating for all. The staff comprise Inoe Andre and Gayeong Lee, Gisele as main leader, and Jin Beutl for the activities. Lecturers came and stayed one or two days as needed…!

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