Czech Republic: Peace Blessing and Valentine Ball in Prague

Prepared by FFWPU Czech Republic 

On the occasion of the national marriage week, the Czech Family Federation organized a Peace Blessing followed by a Valentine Ball on January 26, 2019 at the congress hall of the hotel Olsanka. Around 180 participants came. 37 couples and singles received the Peace Blessing. It started with a small beautiful concert offered by our talented and professional members.

A lecture about the meaning of the Blessing was given then by Mr. Martin Slezak. Mrs. Martine Masner, president of FFWPU Czech Republic, conducted the Blessing, giving the holy wine to the couples first. It was a time full of joy for the participants, who were eager not to miss out on the sprinkling of holy water. After the proclamation of the Blessing, several couples expressed with tears the experience that they had during the ceremony.

Then started our annual dancing ball, where guests and members enjoyed the music and European culture.

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