Canada: True Parents’ Birthday Celebration 2019 and the Blessing Ceremony


Prepared by FFWPU Canada

True Parents’ Birthday Celebration and a blessing of marriage was held on January 26, 2019 in Vancouver, Canada. This 6th annual event, attracted about 200 people from various religion and ethnic groups in Vancouver to celebrate the birth of True Parents of mankind and participate in the holy blessing of marriage.

In addition to introducing the world true achievements of True Parents, it was emphasized through the lecture and congratulatory message that only through the blessings of True Parents the world peace can realized. In addition, the attendees thanked True Parents’ blessing by performing dances and songs.

Through this yearly event, not only more people are aware of the achievements of True Parents, but they also participate in the blessing ceremony and join in the True Family Movement through true love.

It was a joyful and happy birthday celebration and blessing ceremony as participants were happy and grateful for been reincarnated through the holy wine ceremony and the blessing ceremony as a blessed couple centering on heavenly parents and true parents.

Happy True Parents’ Birthday. Thank you, True Parents! We Love you!

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