Cameroon: Seonghwa Ceremony for Rev. Dr. Bo Hi Pak


Prepared by FFWPU Cameroon

The Seonghwa Ceremony for Dr. Bo Hi Pak who ascended to the spirit world on the 12th of January 2019, 7:30 a.m. at the age of 90 years, was fheld in Cameroon at the National Headquarter of the FFWPU in the presence of the National leader, vice president, church elders, blessed couples and blessed children on January 15, 2019.

The ceremony began with the singing of the CIG anthem, followed by a Half Bow to True Parents and the recitation of the family pledge. After that a prayer was offered by Rev. Edwin Ondoua, National leader of Cameroon. This was followed by a reading from the CSG Book 11, chapter 3, section 2. Then a video compilation of photos of Dr. Bo Hi Pak’s life was projected as a tribute to Dr. Bo Hi Pak and for all to see the loving heart he expressed towards members as a true elder 36 couple. This was followed by a short video of the time he visited Cameroon with the Little angels, when they sang a local Cameroonian song. After this, we proceeded to burn incense and offer flowers at the altar that was made for the seonghwa. After offering flowers and full bows, we all prayed together and concluded with 3 shouts of Eok Mansei.

The news of the ascension of Dr. Bo Hi Pak touched the hearts of the Cameroonian family so deeply. This is because, in addition to the greatness of Dr. Bo Hi Pak on the world level, and his exemplary service to True Parents, he is also the National Messiah of Cameroon. Members in Cameroon still have a fresh memory of when Dr. Bo Hi Pak visited Cameroon in 2011 bringing with him the little angels of Korea, who performed at the Congress hall of Yaoundé and moved the hearts of over 2000 people who attended the show. His love for Cameroon was so immense and was felt by all who saw him. We could feel that True Father was present in Cameroon when Dr. Bo Hi Pak visited us.

Just as True Mother described him in her calligraphy for him, his legacy of a True filial son who secured the opening of the gates to Cheon Il Guk will remain forever in our hearts. While we repent for not having properly served this precious elder, father, National Messiah and Boong Bo Wang to Cameroon, we are determined to inherit the heart of filial piety which he expressed throughout his life with True Parents and bring victory for True Parents in Cameroon. Cameroon shall forever be his home.

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  1. Pat Jimenez says:

    What a beautiful testimony and ceremony that brothers and sisters in Cameroon Express to Dr.BoHiPak who represented TP beautiful tradition for our new Generation s to follow.

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