Cameroon: Inauguration of YSP


The launching of YSP in Cameroon took place on the 12th of January 2019 at the amphitheatre of the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM). This location is where all government administrators such as Ministers, prefects and directors of state corporations, are trained. It is considered as one of the prestigious institutions of the state. Over 106 people attended this launching ceremony from a variety of backgrounds. They included:

  • 1 Research officer from the Prime Ministry
  • 8 student diplomats from the Cameroon Institute of International Relations (IRIC)
  • 3 Student administrators from the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM)
  • 20 University Students from 7 Universities in three towns
  • 10 high School students from 5 high schools
  • 2 journalists from the state national radio

The program began at 3:30 p.m. with an interview of the National Executive President of UPF and the President of YSP Cameroon by the journalists from the National Radio Station.

The launching began with the singing of the national anthem followed by an opening prayer from Pastor Abela Ngoa Alain. This was followed by a video projection introducing Youth & Students for Peace. The projection did not go to the end due to a current failure which returned a few minutes later. There was a musical interlude wherein the “Peace Voices” sang “Steady My Heart.” Later on, the national coordinator for Universal Peace Federation, Rev. Edwin Plekhanov read the inaugural address. There was a second musical interlude by a YSP member who sang “Jailer” a song by famous musician ASA. After the musical break, 12 young people were nominated as YOUTH AMBASSADORS FOR PEACE. They were nominated based on their achievement towards creating a culture of sustainable peace.

The 1st nominee Jack Sentie Ngumchia, is a graduate of the national school of administration and magistracy (ENAM). After the nomination, the letter of appointment from YSP Africa region was presented to the president of YSP Cameroon chapter, Mr. Nchia Kamran Nuifahnui by the national coordinator for the UNIVERSAL PEACE FEDERATION Cameroon chapter Rev. Edwin Plekhanov. Thereafter, his installment he presented a speech in which he clearly stated the vision and mission of YSP which is to raise youth and students to become global citizens through character education, peace project training, and intercultural activities to create a culture of sustainable peace. The pure love pledge was affirmed by the all, represented by the YSP Secretary General. The installation of the YSP president was closely followed by the signing of the launching resolution banner. There was a musical dance interlude were the YSP members displayed the MUJOGEON (unconditional love) dance to show the heart of a filial piety towards their family, patriots towards their nation and saints towards the world. This was followed by congratulatory remarks from the Research Officer at the Prime Ministry who expressed her joy of being part of this event and equally gave a few words of advice to the Youth.

The closing was given by the national coordinator for the UNIVERSAL PEACE FEDERATION wherein he thanked everyone for coming and hoped they will work together to create a culture of sustainable peace in Cameroon. The launching ended with a group picture at the open amphitheatre of ENAM followed by the refreshments. By the end of the ceremony 50 of our guests had signed the individual resolution form to become members of YSP.

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